Berkeley Charter Boats--Social Distant Fishing Trips for 2020

Bring Your Own Mask (BYOM) we began running socially distant fishing trips in mid May and have availability beginning in June. The NEW EASY RIDER, EL DORADO, NEW EL DORADO III will run, with limited capacity, salmon and/or potluck trips this summer with a few additional rules we’ve put in place to keep everyone happy and healthy. Call (510) 849-3333 anytime for details. 

Find out what happen today! Find out what going on tomorrow and beyond! For day-to-day activity follow us on social media or call our daily recorded hotline (510) 849-3333 ext 2  



BERKELEY CHARTER BOATS represents the finest charter fishing experience for SALMON, HALIBUT, STRIPED BASS, ROCKFISH, DUNGENESS CRAB and more in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Our independent, family owned and operated fishing vessels have something exciting for beginner and experienced anglers. Individuals, small groups or large parties; we can accommodate. Join us for a day on the SF Bay and our little slice of the Pacific Ocean. All boats are Coast Gaurd certified vessels with modern safety and fish finding technologies to give you a safe and memorable experience. 


(510) 849-3333

Trips depart daily at 6am from the Berkeley Marina.  After booking your spot, hop aboard the specified party boat at  5-5:30 and see the captain. 

Generally we return about 4pm.

 All boats are birthed in the first few slips on K Dock.
FREE PARKING across street from the bait shop.

Donβ€˜t forget your fishing license! Purchase below⬇️



DECKHANDS work hard. GRATUITY is appreciated. THANK YOU

Questions? Reservations?


K Dock-- behind bait shop at 225 University Ave Berkeley (Marina) CA 94710

(510) 849-3333




We’ll update what is required for your 2020 trips when information becomes available

What should I bring for my trip?

  • Fishing license (Purchase below)
  • Food and beverages. Personal hand held ice chests ONLY. No large coolers or anything with wheels.
  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • Hand sanitizer and person cleaning material. We plan on having ample supply of sanitizer but when supplies are low, you never know.
  • Warm clothing, dress in layers, be ready for any and all weather conditions.
  • Positive Attitude 

Are there any additional fees?

There are no hidden charges but keep in mind that tackle is not unlimited. The deckhand works hard and gratuity is appreciated. Be prepared to give the deckhand a little more if you want your fish filleted. 

How should I dress?

Odds are it will be cold in the morning and warm and sunny in the afternoon. Be ready for all conditions. Dress in layers. I like my rubber boots but are not necessary, old pair of sneaker are fine. It’s better to have it and not need it, than want it and not have it.

Is there a guarantee I’ll catch fish?

No. These are wild fish. The captain and crew are good at what they do, but that Is why they call it fishing. 

Do you clean our catch?

It is part of our service to gut and gill salmon, 

if you want your catch filleted or steaked, ask the deckhand and he’d accommodate for an agreed upon fee. 

All your questions answered?

If not feel free to contact us anytime...

call or text (510) 849-3333


Avoid long lines in the morning. Please purchase your fishing license in advance...