BERKELEY CHARTER BOATS Bay Area`s Fastest Sport fishing Fleet
BERKELEY CHARTER BOATSBay Area`s Fastest Sport fishing Fleet

Trips Availible

Pair of Kings

Salmon Fishing

Opens April 2, 2017 

 Pacific Salmon are born in and remain in freshwater during the early months of life. Afterward they migrate to the Pacific Ocean waters where they bulk up and prepare for their once in a lifetime spawning run, returning up the freshwater rivers and stream where they were born. They will instinctively return to their birthplace, spawn and die. They are found in many rivers and streams which lead to the ocean waters of California. Their sprit and will to survive many of life challenges provide one of the best thrill for any angler

The Berkeley fleet offers both trolling and drifting styles of fishing during the course of each year for both young and old, novice and expert.



Farllones Island Rock Fishing

 Farllones Islands Rock Trips

June to December

We offer trips off shore to the Farallones Islands during the weekdays and weekends targeting some 30 species of quality Rock Fish and Ling Cod. The Hard bottom that surrounds the Farallones Island chain provides the perfect enviorment for catching quailty Rock Fish, large Ling Cod and Cabazone all which commonly hide amoung the rocky bottom.The trips depart around 6am and return to the dock between 4-5 pm.Currently the California Fish and Wild Life Regulations allow you to keep 10 assorted rock fish, and 2 ling Cod.These trips offer a surprise with every drop to the bottom.



 Live Bait / Pot Luck -  

May to September

Our live bait fishing trips include live anchovies and great weather conditions inside the San Francisco Bay or along the sandy beaches of our local coast. The season starts around Mayl 1st and runs through October. Your  catch may include 2 Striped Bass, 3 Halibut and an assortment of Rock Fish and Ling Cod, providing they are all in Season. One of the best trips for women, children and first timers who always enjoy catching something

Combo Pot Catch

 Rockcod  & Crab Combo

Novemeber -December 

As the Bay Area's fastest Charter Boat fleet, our vessels will provide you with the most fishing time at the Farallones Islands, before pulling crab traps on the way home. These trips are offered from Nov 1st thru December. They target many different species of rock fish and lingcod before catching your limit of 10 Dungeness crabs before you reach home port. Upon your arrival, you're  greeted with staff  who are prepared to cook your tasty catch.



 Albacore Tuna 

Mid summer into the late fall

Albacore tuna migrate north between July thru Oct, once within range of our fastest vessels, Our trips, charters and open parties range anywhere between 40 to 80 miles off shore, trolling jigs and pitching bait to the migrating schools of tuna. When the bite starts, the excitement is contagious and the action can strike everybody holding a rod. These trips are unmatched with laughter and excitement.