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Berkeley Charter Boats

Fishing Report

May 23, 2016,


Salmon Fishing Report

Since the beginning of May, the salmon fishing along the Marin Coast has been gaining some attention, the scores have been surprising, and there even has been some consistency.  A school of salmon which moved into the Marin coast early May continues to feed on small pocket of anchovies scattered from the edge of the bar to the middle grounds. The best combination producing the most action is between 35 -45 pulls using 40lbs braided fishing line (which I strongly recommended). The salmon scores throughout the fleet have been very consistent, and most skippers are keeping up with average. The trips during the weekdays seem to produce better scores resulting from less pressure, but during the weekends the scores seem to fall back probably due to the additional interest and boat pressure.

On Saturday 5/21, after several windy weekdays the conditions along the entire coast, the weather pulled back and provided perfect conditions for the weekend. Scores bounced right back, and the action was on. When the word got out on Sunday, 5/22 the scores and the salmon went down.


Live Bait Fishing

During last week through Saturday 5/21 the halibut scores have been the crowd pleasers. Most of the charter boat decks are covered with halibut. Results during last week trips live bait trips continue to score impressive numbers of halibut, totaling a fish a rod averages, with the big fish up to 21 lbs. In addition to the big halibut counts some charter boats are reporting respectable scores of striped bass.  

On Saturday 5/21 one of the most recent live bait trips aboard the El Dorado, fishing the day in the Berkeley flats, they scored 24 halibut to 16lbs. and 5 bass to 7lbs. for 15 anglers.

This week tides will be much better for the halibut in comparison to last week. Both this week and next week you will start with better tides, and better tides will produce bigger scores of halibut in many of the parts of the central bay.


Captain Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Berkeley Charter Boats

Fishing Report

May 4, 2016,  


Salmon Fishing


During the previous week of salmon fishing, the windy weather along our coast all but shut down the action that was just outside and below S buoy. When the weather pulled back on Sunday (5/1) the fleet headed right back to the area in hopes of locating the action which previously had been producing decent scores and quality fish with landings averaging a fish a rod.  In fact that is what happened, on Sunday (5/1) the scores bounced right back and scores were on average a fish a rod with many missed opportunities. On Tuesday 5/3, the El Dorado skippered by (Bobby) Capt. Robert Gallia Jr., rolled into Berkeley with 12 salmon for 12 anglers up to 16lbs working the same area outside and below S Buoy. The area has just enough feed to hold the fish, providing decent weather. Starting on Thursday 5/5 Capt. Joey Gallia (New Easy Rider) jumps back into the action as he wraps up his crab season and kicks off his 2016 salmon season.

We are expecting a few more nice days this week as the low pressure system holds of our coast, so if you are thinking about a Mother’s day gift bring her out on our Mother’s Day.


We are running a $85.00 Mother’s Day Special!


Live Bait / Pot Luck


The live bait season will get started this coming weekend as the bait receivers should have anchovies for sale to the public. The majority of the fishing has been in the south bay and the scores have been decent. The halibut and strippers scores have been a good mix, with the better halibut scores coming from live shiners, which until now have been difficult to get. This should change by this weekend.   


Capt. Robert Gallia/ El Dorado


Berkeley Charter Boats

Fishing Report

April 21, 2016


Salmon Fishing Report


After a disappointing Salmon opener on April 2 and 3 of 2016, only a few charter boats around the bay area committed to Salmon fishing trips only. During the first couple of weeks of the salmon season scores reported by charter boat were between 3-8 fish per boat. The weak scores gave many anglers an excuse to wait and see. Several skippers, including myself, have eased the customers’ pain during the first weeks of long days of waiting for salmon to show up with an opportunity of crab fishing. Each angler ended up with a bag of 10 crabs at the end of the trip as a consolation prize.


But since then, the ocean conditions are starting to improve. This past week of calm weather conditions along the coast provided the salmon a chance to coral larger areas of shrimp into smaller concentrations, which then allowed the salmon fleet to concentrate fishing efforts in smaller areas and produce much better scores.


A big improvement over what was reported in the first half of this month. The calmer weather has contributed a great deal to the better scores, and is expected to last until Friday.

Yesterday, April 20, 2016, the El Dorado with Capt. Robert Gallia Jr. at the helm, produced the top score on the coast fishing near S Buoy. Capt. Bobby scored 21 salmon for his 13 anglers, up to 16 lbs. 


Capt. Robert Gallia

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Berkeley Charter Boats

Fishing Report

February 21, 2016  



During the winter months of (November, December 2015) Crab/Rock Cod Combination trips were put on hold. After the Rock cod season had closed most of the licensed Charter Boat skippers decided to start winter time projects and repairs, including myself, Captain Robert Gallia. Almost all of fleet were engaged in doing some sort of projects or repairs when the State decided to open the recreational Dungeness Crab season from Pt. Reyes South. The new rule of 10 crabs per person also took effect. Sports Fishing Captains had to scramble to prepare for the crab fishing season on a very short notice.


Last Saturday and Sunday 20th & 21st, the El Dorado ran its first crab only trip from the Berkeley Marina, they headed out at 7:00 a.m., turned the corner at Pt. Bonita and travelled N/West up the gorgeous Marin coast. The windy weather system which had moved over the Bay Area during the earlier part of the week had left beautiful clear blue skies with a big lazy swell. The conditions were better than predicted. A good day to start the delayed 2016 crab season.  The cost of the trip is $80.00 per person.


While travelling up the coast for about hour, the crew, Bobby Gallia provided the customers with hands on training on how to bait crab jars, how to measure a crab, and how to throw a crab buoy. After reaching the crab grounds, Bobby suited up in his slicks and prepared to go to work. As Captain Robert maneuvered the El Dorado alongside the first buoy, Bobby put the long hook around the first buoy line, pulling it to the boat and creating just enough slack he quickly wrapped it around the hydraulic block. At this point, all 64 eyeballs were focused on the line tension pulling against the attached trap.


After several moments of anticipation and listening to the deep groan of the crab line rolling through the block, retrieving some 180 ft. of blue steel 3/8 line, the fist crab trap of the 2016 season boiled to the surface.  The trap was full of color and had very few vacancies - a huge moment of relief for everyone on board! The count for the first pot totaled 25 large commercial grade crabs, and all of the passengers and crew celebrated as each following pot produced similar results. After 15 traps the boat limit of 320 was completed. We arrived back around noon.


Capt. Robert Gallia

January 5, 2016  

Fishing Report


The 2015 rock cod and ling cod season closed on the 31st of December, 2015. The dungeness crab season which was supposed to open on November 7th is still on hold in the Gulf of the Farallones and in our local waters near the Golden Gate.


In the event the crab season opens in the near future, the Berkeley fleet will be providing trips to the local fishing grounds to harvest Dungeness crabs. The limit is still 6 crabs per person. The trips will be offered at a discounted price of $60.00. The trips will depart at the normal time 6:00 am (weather permitting) and should arrive back to the marina before noon.


During the last few rock cod/ling cod fishing trips aboard the El Dorado with Capt. Robert Gallia the customers were treated to perfect flat calm weather and one of the best ling cod bites of the year. The fishing results during the last 2 days of December totaled 129 ling cod up to 21lbs for a 2 day combined total of 44 anglers. The rock cod bags were also worth mentioning, as nice limits of rockfish were taken for everybody on board. The calm weather, combined with a hot ling cod bite was a nice way to forget about the difficulties that were overshadowing the 2015 fishing season.


On December 30th Bob Swan from Vacaville participated in the last 2 days of the 2015 season and won a nice $240.00 jackpot on the 30th of December and was in the running on the last day, until the last hour, when another angler won the jackpot by about 2 lbs. over Bob’s fish.


Capt. Robert Gallia

Fishing Report

December 7, 2015 


The great Cod fishing and the abundance of Ling cod around the Farallon islands continues to please both entry level and experienced anglers who are seeking fresh seafood with a little head shaken action, while the crab closure is remains in effect. The trips over the last 2 weeks have been out to the Farallon islands and the results are producing nice sacks of rock fish, mostly (olives and blues) and limits of lings for most of the anglers who have been fishing the hard bottom with trap rigs and bars and jigs. On the most recent trip 12/5/15 aboard the El Dorado they scored 25 limits of rock fish with 60 lings up to 21 lbs.

The passenger loads continue to be light during the weekdays, and spaces remain plentiful on the weekends as more skippers try to provide trips on the weekends.


The ocean conditions in between the weather systems has been good, weather before the systems and after have been providing some nice windows of opportunity. Later this week after the systems move across our coast, the ocean conditions should look better towards the weekend.  2 systems are predicted to move through our coast during mid-week. 



Capt. Robert Gallia / El DOrado

Fishing Report

November 16, 2015  


The Berkeley charter boat fleet continues to make daily trips to the Farallon Islands for the great rock cod and ling cod fishing, despite the delay of the Dungeness crab season. The trips to the islands are producing some of the best quality of assorted rockfish accompanied with the best lingcod scores since the season opened last June. The lingcod fishing near the middle Farallon Island and north Farallon islands has been outstanding with consistent quality. Scores on the lingcod have been producing between 30 - 40 lings on most of the trips offered during this past week, and show no signs of slowing down. The assortment of quality rock fish combined with the numbers of lings is making the trips well worth the ride. All of the trips that are being offered during the weekdays are running with much lighter loads due to the delay in the crab season which is still in effect.  


Ocean conditions during this last week have cooled, and recent tests of the Dungeness crab are revealing a decline in the toxin that resulted from the warmer waters off our coast. The next test will be conducted on Wednesday and results will be posted by Friday. The Department is looking for 2 weeks of consistent results before making a decision to open the Dungeness crab season...we will post the news as it is made available.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report

September 30, 2015


Salmon Fishing

The salmon fishing along the north coast from Chimney Rock to Muir beach continues to produce mixed scores of salmon with mixed quality. On some days fishing has been spotty with good scores in one area and soft scores from other boats fishing different areas. On the better days during this last week the better scores were a fish a rod playing bumper boats inside Duxberry reef. This small area inside Duxberry reef has been providing consistent action early in the morning before the masses arrive, and has proved to be the key to scoring a fish a rod average. The early morning bite inside Duxberry reef gave first arrivals the best chance of getting the best scores. During this time of the year however, bad lines, bad knots, and fouled releases contribute to reasons why some boats score under the fish a rod average. There were a lot of missed chances that were not included in the scores reported at the end of the day.


Rock Cod/Salmon Combination trips

Boats offering the combination trips are fishing along the Marin coast and these trips are still providing the best chance of taking home fresh fish. These trips will be offered through October on weekends only. The last trip aboard the El Dorado with Capt. Robert Gallia produced limits of coastal rock fish and 25 ling cod for 17 anglers. A great number of lings were caught between 70-90ft of water. Later that afternoon after they switched to salmon trolling and landed 3 fish up to 21lbs trolling near the edge of the bar outside Muir Beach.  


Tuna fishing

No confirmed landings so far. 

Fishing Report September 17, 2015


Salmon Fishing


Salmon fishing along the Marin coast continues to produce good scores, action and quality. Over the last week scores have been averaging a fish a rod on the better days and just under on the off days. The quality of salmon that are landed, are in the teens and a few are over the 20lbs mark. The most of the action during the last week was located N/West of the main ship channel, then moved north, holding up inside Duxberry reef after the last southerly weather system passed. Yesterday, September 16, the New Easy Rider scored one of the best scores working around Duxberry reef. Capt. Joey Gallia landed 24 fish for 24 anglers up to 20lbs.

The fall run has arrived and the salmon are trickling into the Golden Gate from 2 different directions, northwest and southwest. Reports from landings above the Bay Area and below  indicate more salmon are moving towards our fishing grounds and will be feeding in our back yard as soon as this coming weekend. We should see some consistency in the level of action, and it is possible it will continue into the weeks of October.


Pot Luck / Rock Cod

The Marin coast has been producing ridiculous scores of ling cod and limits of rockfish for the last 3 months and last weekend, even during the breezy conditions, this was still the rule. The weekend scores produced 77 limits rockfish and 25 lings up to 15lbs. The continued success of the coastal trips using the lighter tackle is a huge factor for the beginners, and provides a great introduction to the coastal fishing. The Berkeley fleet will continue to offer these trips through October.


Crab / Rock Cod Combination Trips

The Berkeley Charter Boats reservations desk is “NOW” tacking reservations for the upcoming November 7th crab opener. The first 2 weekends will be the best, so get your reservations spots early...Space is limited.


Capt. Robert Gallia/ El Dorado

Fishing Report - August 31, 2015


Salmon Fishing Report

The salmon fishing along the Marin coast is seeing a great bounce in the action, and a huge challenge in the fight. The big Kings that were lounging in Drakes Bay within the plums of jelly and grass last week have made the move for the Golden Gate Bridge.

Over the weekend (Sunday, August 30th, 2015) the Berkeley salmon fleet encountered scores of the big Kings making their approach to Duxberry reef. Capt. Joey Gallia aboard the New Easy Rider and Brian Guiles aboard the Flying Fish scored a combined result of 38 salmon up to 36 lbs. for 25 anglers. The action took place in about 80 ft. of water around Duxbury reef, with the best results produced at both 55 and 75 pulls (trolling). Sundays combined total is just the beginning of a new wave of Kings moving from Drakes bay into protection of the reef. The action was spread around the reef during the weekend and both private and commercial boats were all engaged in the action. The flat calm weather on Saturday was cut short as a Westerly breeze moved into the coast on Sunday. But the winds did not slow the action down. Most of the salmon are on the large size into the 15 to 18 and many more are expected to move in during the next few days as the breezy conditions cool the local waters.  The early weeks of September will probably be the best weeks of the year, and the Berkeley Fleet is offering $80.00 special, Saturday, Sunday and Monday a great discount this weekend at the perfect time.


Coastal Live Bait / Potluck Fishing

The coastal potluck trips are still doing very well even in the breezy conditions that prevailed on Sunday. The trips are still producing limits of quality Blacks and Bolinas rock fish, and scores of lingcod ranging between 8 to 15 lbs. along the Marin Coast in about 80 ft. of water. This is easy fishing and lots of fun for the beginners. The coastal trip that was offered this weekend produced 12 limits of cod and a few lings during the breezy conditions outside. The El Dorado moved from the coastal areas of Marin into the Bay near Angel’s island and scored one halibut to 7lbs. later in the afternoon. This type of trips will be offered this weekend and will be part of the Labor Day promotion.


Tuna Fishing

We still have time to score some tuna, but until solid information is confirmed we are in a holding pattern.


Captain Robert Gallia/ El Dorado

Fishing Report, August 25, 2015


Salmon Fishing

The salmon fishing took a nice bounce last week as a school of bright red 10 to 12 lbs. salmon moved into Drakes Bay. The great action lasted about 3 days during mid-week, then on Thursday the mackerel moved into the area, scattering most of the feed along with the kings. The salmon scores went from a solid fish a rod to limits for the better part of last week to under a fish a rod. During this past weekend most charter boat skippers expected those salmon feeding in Drakes bay to slide down the coast and make a good showing around Duxberry during the course of the weekend. Unfortunately that did not happen and the scores remained flat for both Saturday and Sunday, with the exception of the “Chosen One” Flying Fish who reported 15 salmon on Sunday at the end of the main ship channel.

The salmon that moved into Drakes Bay will arrive in the local hot spots Duxberry, Rocky Pt., and the channel buoys sometime this week. The weather is expected to be nice and we will see a nice bounce in the scores by this weekend.


Potluck / Live Bait Combination Trips

The flat calm ocean conditions, balmy weather, and small tides contributed to a very productive weekend of coastal live bait fishing. The scores of ling cod and rock cod continue to be the crowd pleaser, and show no signs of slowing down. On a recent trip aboard the El Dorado anglers scored 34 lings and ¾ limits of rock fish after trying for a couple of hours for halibut. On most of the combination trips, scores and quality of lings along the Marin coast have been equal to the scores reported at the Farallon islands. The trips will be offered this coming weekend and plenty of room is available.


Tuna Report

During the weekend a few private boats ventured off shore and scouted the waters from the Gumdrop to the Guide. The information that was available seemed to suggest that no big scores or schools were located. It was reported that one albacore that was caught near Pioneer Canyon was about 7-8 lbs. The weather is good and more scouting trips are expected by the weekend.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report - August 11, 2015


Salmon Fishing

The recent salmon fishing scores along the Marin and San Mateo coast continues to produce results that are very similar to a roller coaster ride. One day up, the next day down. The scores produced on Saturday 8/8/15 fell far short of a fish per rod, then started to rebound on Sunday 8/9/15.  On Monday 8/10/15 the New Easy Rider with Capt. Joey Gallia fishing the San Mateo coast scored 13 salmon for 13 anglers up to 23 lbs. The other skippers fishing on Monday around the Duxberry, Rocky Point, and outside of Muir Beach scored very similar results and a mix of quality fish by the end of the breeze day. The salmon seem to be scattered and they are for the most part holding closer to the bottom in the cooler waters. The recent cooler weather moving across the coast will help cool the surface conditions, which should provide a bounce in the scores in the later part of this week. Look for the action to pick up by Thursday and maybe last through the weekend providing there is not too much commercial boat pressure.


Potluck / Live Bait Combination Trips

The daily coastal trips using the live bait along the Marin coast have and continue to be the crowd pleaser. The trips have been producing ¾ to limits of rock fish, and averaging around 20 lings per trip, fishing 70 to 80 ft. of water just above Duxberry reef. The mix of cod being caught is of nice quality and a good variety, consisting of blacks, bolinas, and some quality vermilions. But the prize catch is the lings and the consistency of their scores. On a recent trip Monday the El Dorado Capt. Robert Gallia scored ¾ limits of rock cod and 17 lings to 15 lbs. for 10 anglers fishing in just 80 ft. of water. The conditions along the Marin coast seem to be perfect for the bottom fish as more school fish seem to have moved into the area during the last week of minus tides.


Tuna Fishing

The hope of having a tuna run is being discussed, and Capt. Brain Guiles of Flying Fish is the skipper that may do the job. An exploratory trip may happen as soon as next week if the conditions offshore continue to improve. No positive reports have been provided as of yet, due to the weather conditions off shore. Information about possible tuna trip will be posted when the decision is made….  


Photo: NorCal Construction group with their catch of the day!


Capt. Robert Gallia/ El Dorado

Fishing Report, July 27, 2015


Salmon Fishing

Salmon scores outside the Golden Gate continue to produce a wide range of results. This past weekend scores ranged from 6 salmon to the top score of 30 on 7/25 then 35 on 7/26 with Capt. Joey aboard the New Easy Rider. Capt. Joey produced these top numbers fishing the San Mateo Coast, avoiding the large amounts of boat pressure from commercial and recreational fleet, while capitalizing on small areas of salmon. The quality of his catch was mixed, from 20 inches to 25lbs, and the majority of the fish were on the smaller side.  On the North side, the majority of the charter boat fleet that was working the Channel Buoys and North Bar area last week, moved North to the coastal areas of Bolinas on a report that new school of salmon started moving into Duxberry Reef. However, the bite was short and spread over a very small area, allowing only a few charter boat to capitalize. Then boat pressure shut down the bite for the rest of the day. These scores although mixed is good news and the beginning of a much larger school which appears to be moving into our area. The action was reported in 60-75 ft. of water with the best depth range being 40 to 60 pulls. The majority of the action has been early morning then turning to a pick the rest of the day.  The quality of the salmon on the North side is better, these are larger fish and we can expect good action this week after the winds pull back by Wednesday.


Coastal Live Bait / Potluck

The combination of Rock cod, ling cod and striped bass fishing continues to be a big hit with beginners and experienced anglers alike. On Saturday and Sunday travelling up the coast in the morning and fishing in 75ft. of water between Double Point and Bolinas. Late Saturday the El Dorado scored limits of rock cod 15 lings to 14lbs and 25 striped bass for 23 anglers. Capt. Robert Gallia reported that coastal rock fishing seems to have improved during these past weeks as cooler waters have moved back into the coast. The rock fish were mostly Bolinas cod and blacks with some hard heads and Cabazon in the mix. The ling cod are there for those who target them, and anglers that have targeted them were landing 2 per bag. The striped bass action has been hot late in the day at Harding Rock, both Saturday and Sunday produced scores in the twenty’s in a short period of the tide.


Tuna Report

No reports of tuna scores, as the weather off shore has not been good.



Captain Robert Gallia / El Dorado



Fishing Report, July 22, 2015


Salmon Fishing


After 2 weeks of silvers and scratch fishing along the edge of the bar, which produced a wide range of scores from 5 fish to 25 fish on a daily basis, salmon fishing started showing some solid signs of improving. During the last few days, 7/20/15 and 7/21/15 all the charter boats fishing near the end of the main ship channel scored on the average a fish a rod to limits in windy conditions. Then on Tuesday 7/22/15 as the weather seemed to improve the charter boat fleet scored solid numbers again. The New Easy Rider and the New El Dorado III scored a combined 25 limits of kings up to 20 lbs. Very few silvers were reported, and the action was exhausting. Some skippers reported lots of short bites which required bait changes every 2 minutes, and you couldn’t take your eyes off the rod. The mix of salmon is good, ranging every between 20 inches to 20 lbs. The salmon located at the end of the main ship channel are new arrivals as the color of the meat is red, indicating that have been feeding on shrimp from deeper cooler waters.


Photo: 15 milits aboard the New Easy Rider


Tuna Report


The local landings from Monterey to Bodega Bay have not reported a tuna landed within 100 miles of the Central Coast. Still too early... But with weeks of opportunities ahead, and changing water conditions daily I think we will see better temperatures in August.


Live Bait / Potluck


The Striped Bass / Potluck fishing continues to be the crowd pleaser, as most trips continue to score at least a fish a rod to limits on the bigger and  faster tides with the ripping current under the Golden Gate Bridge, Harding Rock, and Raccoon Straight high spot. The tides during this week caused big morning currents which provided perfect conditions for the bass fishing. Unfortunately the fast tides work against the halibut and the bite has been very slow for the flatties.

On the Marin Coast the rock cod fishing continues to be very good with scores averaging about ¾ of your bag limit, with a good mix of variety. The lings cod fishing has also been very good as most anglers who targeted the lings have been catching on the average 2 per rod.


Capt. Robert Gallia/ El Dorado


Photo: King Ling and Jackpot

Fishing Report, July 6, 2015


Salmon Fishing


The Salmon fishing outside the Golden Gate during the Holiday weekend was blessed with flat calm weather and plenty of action, ideal conditions for salmon catching. The weekend provided lots of hookups and many missed opportunities, and some new arrivals of quality salmon with bright red flesh, (shrimp feeders) that moved into the area. The daily fish scores throughout the charter boat fleet, although still mixed from under a fish a rod to over a fish a rod, do not represent the total action that was experienced over the weekend.  On Sunday, for example, both the New Easy Rider and El Dorado had a combined score totaling 26 salmon for some 38 anglers with some 20 other missed opportunities. Some small overlooked details such as (tight drags settings, failed knots, fouled sinkers releases, thumbing the spool, just to name a few) were some of the contributing factors that hurt the end totals. The salmon were there and the action was more consistent than any time in the past, as more and more salmon keep moving into the area.

July will be a great month, it will offer more opportunities for quality fish, providing you are ready work the gear. The skippers that have been doing well are the ones that are carrying the anglers standing by their rods, ready to change the bait the moment a bite is missed. Dragging bad bait hurts the chances of people fishing around you. So let’s step up our game, check your gear, and get ready for the biggest month of the year. The Kings are moving in…


Live Bait / Pot Luck


The live bait fishing was full of success, smiles and plenty of action during this calm holiday weekend and the scores of striped bass and ling cod continue to average a fish a rod to almost limits. Best locations are under the Golden Gate Bridge for the striped bass, and off the Marin coast for the lings. The New El Dorado III scored 33 striped Bass, 19 lings ¾ limits of rock fish then adding 2 halibut on Sunday July 5, 2015.  After the big bite of bass in the morning the skipper made his way to the calm waters up the Marin coast to work on the limit of rock cod and ling cod scoring a verity of ¾ to limits of rock fish above Duxbury reef and adding at least a fish a rod of lings in the same area. After that he moved into the sandy bottoms of the N bar and scored a few halibut, making it an incredible day of fishing. This coming week will provide even better tides for more of the continued action.




The tuna fishing is still on hold, as the latest report indicated no tuna. Good temperatures and feed were spotted 25 miles outside the Guide Seamount. Unfortunately, the results of a 3 day commercial trip were bleak, and no tuna were caught. 


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Salmon Fishing


The past weekend the coastal salmon fishing was slapped Saturday with a sudden change of weather, Southerly winds and a sharp wind chop with a North/Westerly swell created the condition called “jackass”. The sudden change in weather all but shut down a good week of consistent scores, with averages of a fish a rod. When the Southerly breeze backed off and turned around to North/West on Monday the salmon scores turned around with it.  The bite was back and the scores bounced with it. The El Dorado and New Easy Rider were the 2 boats salmon fishing from Berkeley and the combined score totaled 33 salmon for 25 anglers. A nice come back in the short order of one day. The mixed grade of salmon ranged from 20 inches to 20lbs, fishing just outside of Muir beach on the edge of the bar in 45 to 70 ft. of water. The magic zone was 40 to 45 pulls and lots of bait changes. The salmon were biting short and the area has a small mix of silvers (Coho salmon) in the mix, the action was for the most part throughout the day.


This week the weather is expected to improve all along the coast and with the Berkeley Charter boat Captains offering a great weekend promotion starting on the 4th continuing through the weekend it will be the best place to catch your kings in action!


Live Bait/Potluck


The San Francisco Bay has had a great run of striper action and shows no signs of it slowing down. Most skippers who regularly fish the Bay waters continue to score easy limits of bass on the familiar rock piles, reefs and sandy bottoms of the Bay. The areas that provide the swift movement of Bay waters with concentrations of bait produce the best results. On recent live/bait trip aboard the El Dorado Capt. Robert Gallia scored 13 limits of Striped Bass in Raccoon Strait then finished the second half of the day on the North Bar scoring 8 quality Halibut. Recent slow tides during last Thursday, Friday and Saturday contributed to the terrific scores of quality Halibut, and as the tides during this week will continue to improve and provide more opportunities for the flatties by the weekend.


Tuna Report


Scouts from the Half Moon Bay Pillar Pt. Harbor, ventured out on Sunday and scouted the waters near the Guide, Pioneer Seamount, and the Gum Drop. The scout reports indicated that the water were of the right temperatures and feed conditions looked good. Another report indicated some tuna were seen on the surface but none were reported caught.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report

June 23, 2015

Salmon Fishing



The Salmon fishing along the Marin coast over the last 2 weeks is finally starting to gain some momentum.  Daily fishing reports over the last 3 days from the fleet of charter boats fishing salmon along the Marin coast has averaged good scores, plenty of action, and quality salmon. Recent developments produced scores averaging a fish a rod and pleanty of missed opportunities. Monday’s action was some of the best all season with smoking hot action all day . One skipper from Sausalito reported 15 limits. On Monday, Capt. Joey aboard the New Easy Rider scored 25 salmon up to 21lbs for 21 anglers. Joey stated they were snapping and the action was on!!!   He stated they hooked over 60 salmon landing less than 50% of what they played. The recent action is the result of some new fish moving into the area and more are on the way. There were some Coho in the mix, so beware. The weather was overcast and is expected to be the same throughout this week. 


Live bait/Combo`s

The striped bass/halibut bite during the last 5 days continue to produce a good mix of results, despite the week of windy conditions and muddy waters produced by the minus tides. The area near the Berkeley flats produced good results on Sunday 6/21 aboard the New Eldorado III , landing a nice combination of 28 fish, for 28 anglers.  The combination of 14 bass up to 8lbs and 14 halibut up to 12lbs on Sunday was one of the better overall scores reported. On Monday 6/21 Capt. Robert aboard the EL Dorado scored 8 limits of striped bass up to 13 lbs, 4 halibut up to 28 lbs fishing near Alcatraz. The consistence scores that have been produced during the period of minus tides will only get better everyday this week as we get smaller tides and improved weather in the days ahead..

Fishing Report, Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Salmon Fishing


The salmon fishing along the Marin coast took a surprising bounce over the past weekend. Scores reported by most of the charter boat skippers remained solid over the last 3 days, averaging a fish a rod on all charter boats operating Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The first time we have had 3 days of consistent scores.

Monday action aboard the El Dorado was 12 salmon up to 17lbs for 6 paying customers. Capt. Robert Gallia reported during the morning hours there were a few slow periods, but overall pace of the action was good. The bite continued throughout the midday outside Muir Beach, in the range of 60-70ft of water. Most of the salmon were caught between 40-50 pulls using straight bait without flashers.

The recent arrivals moved into the area to feed on the abundance of bait fish (anchovies) which have been stacked on the edge of the bar. The quality of the salmon was between 10-12lbs with big fish between 15 and 20lbs. The weather was good during the last 3 days but is expected to pick up on Wednesday, Thursday getting nice again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The surprising appearance of quality salmon in early June along the Marin coast was a welcome sight, and may be attributed to the cooler conditions that have developed along the Marin coast. This may be just the beginning of a much larger school preparing to move in.


Live Bait / Pot Luck Fishing


The halibut fishing was the center of attention over the weekend as the smaller tides contributed to the large scores and big fish (some topping 30 + lbs). The areas in the Berkeley Flats, Angel Island, Alcatraz, and the Sausalito channel were all producing mostly Halibut, with a good mix of quality Striped Bass.  Some of the areas that were not pounded by boat pressure produced some of the biggest halibut this year. The charter boats that were targeting halibut over the last 3 days, all returned with halibut scores between12 to 16. The El Dorado on Friday and Saturday returned on both days with several halibut over 30lbs.The bite continued in the Berkeley Flats through Saturday and Sunday and remained good through Monday. 


Captain Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Salmon Fishing


The Salmon fishing for the San Francisco Bay Area charter boat fleet continues to encounter tough windy weather and disappointing results. Over the weekend starting with Saturday, windy conditions prevailed along the entire coast. On Sunday a fair amount of action was reported around Channel Buoy #1 near the main shipping channel.  Results from the small charter boat fleet totaled 6-12 salmon. But on Monday 5/25 when the fleet of charter boats returned to the channel buoy they found a wide open bite of “Silvers” or Coho Salmon, the wrong species. California law prohibits anglers from keeping silvers which were raised in Oregon hatcheries. Huge numbers of Silvers had moved into the area beating the kings to the anchovies, the Silvers were much more aggressive, attacking in groups of 3 to 6 at a time! This was our crew members’ worst nightmare. The difficult conditions forced most of the skippers to leave the area and look elsewhere with little success throughout the rest of the day. The scores reported ranged between 3-6 Kings.


Live Bait/Pot Luck


The Striped Bass/Halibut fishing continues to produce pleasing results despite the cold windy conditions around the Bay Area during the weekend. On Sunday and Monday targeting the Halibut /Stripers the El Dorado produced the best Halibut scores in the Bay area fleet. On Sunday, Capt. Robert scored 9 Halibut up to 33lbs and 9 Striped Bass up to 12lbs for 17 customers. Then on Monday the El Dorado scored to 12 Halibut up to 35lbs and 6 Stripers up to 12lbs for 16 customers. On both days the Halibut were of good quality many averaging 12 to 15lbs. The Eldorado worked the sandy bar around the Sausalito channel entrance.


The tides this week will steadily get smaller and smaller, this should provide perfect conditions for great Halibut fishing. Some of the best halibut fishing results should be posted this week as the conditions improve in the bay.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report

May 18, 2015

Salmon Fishing

After another stretch of strong windy weather last week, a window of nice weather appeared last Thursday 5/14. It provided the perfect opportunity for three charter boats from the Bay Area, (New Eldorado III, New Rayan and the Outer Limits to venture out past the Gate and survey the windblown waters of the Gulf of the Farallones. After hours of travelling and scouting they merged into and area located just south of the main Islands in 300 ft of water. Capt Eddie aboard the New Eldorado III located the school, and scored 14 limits up/to 23 lbs. One of the best scores this year. Both the New Rayan and Outer limits scored limits as well. The school of salmon averaging between 10 and 13 lbs were reported to be feeding on short belly rock cod and shrimp, and caught on the deeper side between 40 to 60 pulls. The following day, Friday 5/15 a small fleet of charter boats from the Bay Area returned to the area and finished the day with averages around a fish a rod to just over a fish a rod. On 5/16 the windy rough conditions returned and the scores fell to well under a fish a rod, many reporting 3 to 6 fish. Top score reported was 11.


 Live bait/Combo`s

The Halibut / Striped Bass fishing continue to be the crowd pleaser, as the scores on the Bass last Saturday were well over a fish a rod then dropping to just under a fish a rod on Sunday. Their continues to be big numbers taken on the Striped Bass, as the bigger tide prevail throughout this week and into next week. The Berkeley flats, around channel marker #4 and #6 continue to be the hot spots and have been producing huge amounts of school fish. The bigger Halibut are showing around Angel Island with one Halibut reported to be tipping the scale around 35lbs.

Fishing report, Monday, May 4, 2015


Salmon Fishing


It was a windy week over the Gulf of the Farallones, including the weekend. On Saturday Captain Joey Gallia aboard the New Easy Rider scored 11 salmon for 9 anglers up to 15lbs.  Better than a fish a rod average. The New Easy Rider, New Rayan and the Hog Heaven were the only 3 charter boats from the Bay Area and all reported similar scores. They reported good morning action with a few multiple hookups, some undersize fish mixed with larger ones and good weather. Captain Joey also reported that the salmon were mostly around 40-60 pulls and it looked like the area had enough feed to hold them for a few days.


Unfortunately, late Sunday afternoon the salmon scores reported by a very small fleet of 2 charter boats from Sausalito were disappointing - a combined score totaling 11 salmon for 30 anglers. The New Easy Rider did not have a trip.

More wind and more cooling is expected on the ocean for the next 3 days,  we should have the next window of good weather after Thursday, and with the $80.00 Mother Day Special running both  Saturday & Sunday it may be perfect way to get this season started.


Live Bait Fishing


The striped bass/halibut fishing was generally good on both Saturday & Sunday for most of the skippers fishing the cold and windy areas of the Central Bay. Treasure Island, Angel Island and South Hampton Shoals continue to produce large numbers of striped bass but most are on the smaller size. Much of the success over the last week is due to the favorable tides and conditions during this last week, and they should continue to be good through the coming Mother Day Weekend Special.


Seasoned skippers who fished Angel Island during the whole weekend produced some of the biggest halibut caught this year. One was reported over 30lbs, caught aboard the Sunfish with Captain Trung Vo, who repeated his drifts all day at Angel Island on Saturday. The halibut are starting to show in several places near the Golden Gate, Bonita Cove and on the North and South Bar, if the weather permits we are going to see some big numbers break out very soon.


Captain Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Salmon Fishing,


Nearly 4 weeks of 2015 salmon season have passed and most of the local Bay Area landings that report salmon scores, find themselves struggling to get enough customers to make the offshore trips.

On the most recent salmon fishing trip on Saturday 4/25/15 aboard the New Easy Rider, with 15 anglers, they scored 3 salmon up to 15lbs. They were fishing near the Deep Reef outside Half-moon Bay in about 240ft of water. Similar scores were reported last weekend from Monterey to Bodega Bay.

The windy conditions during April, which have kept most of the salmon fleet tied to the dock, will provide some much needed change in the ocean conditions. In the past week we have already seen a drop in the water temperatures, and the early effects of some upwelling around the North Farallones. By this coming weekend, as the weather is expected to improve, we should see a good jump in the salmon scores as the cooler water temperatures will provide new life to the Gulf of the Farallones.


Live Bait Combination Trips


The live bait trips targeting halibut and striped bass have been the crowd pleasers over the last few windy weeks. The better weather and fish scores have remained solid with most of the skippers reporting scores of a fish a rod on the striped bass, and scores up to 6 halibut up to 15lbs on Sunday`s trip aboard the El Dorado. Smaller tides are expected over the next 2 weeks and halibut scores should see a good bounce.


Photo: On the left - Sean Driscoll from Oakland, holding the $130.00 jackpot halibut.

In the middle - Nick Underwood from Sparks Nevada celebrating his bachelor party.

On the right is Mathew Maya from Grass Valley.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Tuesday, March 14, 2015


Salmon Fishing


During the first 10 days of the 2015 Salmon season, a few of the Bay Area skippers were able to locate a scattered school of salmon about 20 miles south of Seal Rocks in almost 45 fathoms of water. During that period of nice weather the results that were posted were good, with scores averaging a fish a rod of quality fish up to 19 lbs. But as the wind returned and the weather increased during this last weekend the scored were much harder to keep up, and daily results were quick to suffer. The next break in the weather will come later during this week and we should see a good bump in the salmon scores before the coming weekend is over.


Live bait/ Stripped bass/ Halibut


The live bait skippers have had a great start this spring putting up big scores of Bass and posting quality pics of large halibut all over the internet. But the big numbers and the large fish were the results of great weather and clear water conditions all around the bay. Over the last few days the conditions were turned upside down as the strong wind churned the shallow waters of the bay into almost a chocolate color.  The daily scores reported yesterday from aboard the El Dorado totaled 7 strippers up to 6 lbs. and 1 halibut up to 16 lbs. for 12 windblown anglers.


Rock Cod/ Lingcod


The 2015 rock cod season will start this Wednesday 04/15/15. The trips will target the Bass and Halibut, then move along the coast to target the Rock Cod and Lingcod, or vice versa. The trips were a big hit last year as the Salmon season did not see any good scores until late July. This year it is anybody guess but it is a great option during the sometimes long periods in which Salmon are few in numbers.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado


Photo: George Bowman landed this 17 lbs. halibut near Alcatraz. This was his first time halibut fishing and his first jackpot.

Fishing Report, Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The much anticipated 2015 Salmon season will open this coming  weekend on  April 4th , and the biological evidence according to the leading California Fish biologist indicate a 3% increase in the Early & Late Fall salmon returns - an interesting surprise, given the harsh drought conditions over the last few years. This small increase may be attributed to the trucking efforts of the salmon smelts from the State hatcheries to better water conditions downstream near the Delta. This was a campaign which the Golden Gate Salmon Association (GGSA) should be credited for.


Conditions around the gulf of the Farallones have been calm and good fishing weather is expected for the opener. The northern waters between the Farallones Islands and Pt. Reyes seem to have better signs, as reports of dark water and deep feed conditions exists between 250 and 300 ft. of water. Reports from the southern fleet suggest warmer water conditions and scattered feed over a large area.  


Temperatures over the last few weeks around the Gulf of the Farallones have been on the warmer side, not a surprise given the lack of North Westerly winds. These surface temperatures will change in a just a few days given a period of good North Westerly winds and the upwelling effect will turn the Gulf of the Farallones upside down, which is a typical scenario for our area.  


Halibut /Stripped Bass Fishing has started and over the past few weeks, boat both private and charters have been returning with impressive scores from just under a fish a rod to over a fish a rod. Most of the halibut fleet is trolling frozen bait in the shallow areas such as the Berkeley Flats, Alameda Rockwall and the Richmond rock wall.  A few Charter boat skippers that are targeting Bass are having good success near Pt. Pinole drifting live shiners. The bass are mostly school fish but the numbers have been good.


Sale of Live Bait. 

The reports from the crew of the one of the live bait boats, say they have been looking during the early mornings hours and late at night for anchovies. They have had success with their sets, but the fish has been on the small size.  They have indicated that live anchovies will be for sale by this weekend in San Francisco. 


Captain Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report - Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The rock cod/crab combination trips are still rolling out limits of rock fish and Dungeness crabs and great results on lings and we expect things to remain solid during the entire month of December.


The intense pressure from the big commercial crabbers has been eased since the out of state boats have decided to move North,  to participate in the December 1st North Coast crab opener.


The local crabbing seen will see huge benefits by producing more crabs, and a prolonged season, 6 weeks longer than last year.  The local sport fishing angler will also see more opportunity and reap the rewards: bigger catch lasting much longer.  A win-win situation for crab lovers. The longer crab season is the result of wet and windy weather, making it very difficult for the local crabbers and charter boat captains to service their traps. The weather systems are expected to last through Friday and provide clearing for trips planned for this coming weekend.


When the weather window opens up and the Berkeley Fleet gets out to the pots - they should be loaded! This is all good news for the anglers who are looking to book 1 or 2 trips before the season ends December 31st, 2014.


On the last calm day, Friday, November 28th the El Dorado with Captain Robert Gallia carried 15 anglers and scored limits: 150 nice quality rock fish, 90 commercial sized Dungeness crabs and 12 lingcod up to 15lbs, fishing the North Farallones islands in breezy weather conditions.  


Photo: Limits of fun!!!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014.

From left to right, Frank Lopez (crew El Dorado), Capt. Brian Chan, Adam Sewall (crew El Dorado), Michael Beronie (crew Happy Hooker)


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The crab combination trips are showing no signs of slowing down and in fact they keep getting better. On the most recent trip (Sunday 11/16/14) Paul Stellmaker and his girlfriend from Sacramento snapped this incredible sunrise aboard the El Dorado, exiting the SF Bay.  


Sunday`s trip produced limits of quality rock fish, limits of jumbo crabs, and 33 lings for 25 happy anglers aboard the El Dorado with Captain Robert Gallia.  They have been fishing just outside the middle Farallones Islands in 165 ft. of water and getting fantastic results.  Most of the experienced anglers all agree the rock fishing this year at the Farallones Islands has been loaded with quality and variety of rockfish. The area of hard rocky bottom has been producing lots of school fish mostly olives, and some blacks 5-10 ft. of the bottom. But the real treat was the variety of exotic rockfish such as quillbacks, tree-cod, and coppers, china cod and gopher cod that were caught while the customers were trying to fish for the lings.

The trip back towards the coast to retrieve the pots takes about an hour and it is a great time to break for your lunch and converse with company aboard. The pots are producing 15 to 25 big crabs per pot and it looks like it will remain that way through Thanksgiving.


Capt. Robert Gallia/El Dorado



Fishing Report 


November 13, 2014


The crab/rock cod combination trips season started on November 1, 2014.  The trips are providing the greatest rock fishing all year with daily results bringing huge smiles, lots of laughter and even rounds of applause for some of the skippers of the Berkeley Fleet. Every trip to the Farallones Islands has produced limits of quality rockfish, big numbers of lingcod, which have averaged on some days over a fish a rod. If you decide to target ling cod during your trip, you probably will score your limit and maybe 1or 2 for your friend, who you may have invited along. Yesterday Capt. Robert Gallia aboard the El Dorado turned in an amazing score of 17 limits of quality rockfish, 17 limits of large crabs and 17 limits of lingcod up to 21 lbs. Since the start of the season the trips are showing solid results for every angler and the weather has been good with the exception of a couple of days during opening weekend.  


Last Tuesday Captain Brian Guiles aboard the Flying Fish placed 8 pots before fishing at the Farallones Islands, after 4 hours of soaking, the crew returned to the area and  pulled by hand 3 of the 8 pots and scored 138 crabs enough for the entire crew! The crabs are nice size averaging around 2lbs each and it looks like it will remain good during the month of November.


Fishing Report, Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Salmon Fishing

The large swell that moved into the coastal areas over the weekend slowed the salmon action down temporarily pulling the October scores back from a fish a rod averages to just under a fish a rod. As the swell and conditions moved through on Sunday afternoon the Salmon scores started bouncing right back on Monday.

On Monday, the two salmon boats from Berkeley, El Dorado III and El Dorado scored a combined number of 26 salmon for 27 anglers up to 32 lbs. Both skippers Shawn Taylor operator of the New EL Dorado III and Robert Gallia fished the area just South of Duxberry Buoy in about 95 ft. of water, trolling between 45 -75 pulls.

The bite was a good pick, the area continues to hold plenty of bait and the fish remain of great quality, ranging between 14- 20 lbs., the perfect smoker size.  

Captain Robert Gallia / El Dorado stated the action  which was better than the scores represent, landing some of the big kings proved to be too much for some customers who used their own gear and tied their own knots, gear failure contributed to 5 losses. This is not the time of year to try and land some of these big fish on equipment that has been sitting around for years and the score of 12 salmon for 11 anglers should have been better. The Salmon fishing this month so far has been more consistent than last year, and with the closing of commercial salmon trolling on Wednesday 10/15 it looks like there will be more action in the weeks ahead.


Coastal Combination Trip

The coastal combination trips aboard the New El Dorado III continue to offer good scores on salmon fishing, great results on the rock cod counts. Last Saturday trip scored ¾ limits on the rock cod for 28 anglers and 20 salmon for the ½ day effort trolling for salmon. The bag of rock fish is mostly nice blacks, browns and school fish olives. The New El Dorado III will be offering the combination trips this Saturday and through the rest of October.


Captain Robert Gallia / El Dorado 

Fishing Report, Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Salmon Fishing 


The salmon fishing during the first week of October produced beautiful weather, good action with quality results that ranged from half a fish a rod, to almost a fish a rod of bright red salmon.  A new school of salmon arrived into the area at the beginning of October, and seems to be holding around the area outside Rocky Point to the middle grounds in about 70-80 ft. of water. The new arrivals moved in from the deeper waters and are bright red after feeding on shrimp. They are big, fast and strong and present a great challenge to any angler. Some are getting away by charging under the boat, breaking faulty tackle, or throwing the hook just outside the net range. On Saturday Capt. Robert Gallia said that the frustration level was unbearable. They reported hooking 26 quality salmon, only landing 16 for the 18 customers aboard.

The salmon are still feeding on the abundance of anchovies and squid located all around the Marin coast, from the edge of the bar to Duxberry reef.

The morning bite has almost always produced the best action and most of the salmon are large, ranging between 14 to 18 lbs. with a few going into the mid-twenties. On Monday’s trip aboard the El Dorado two of the biggest fish landed totaled 58 lbs. both were caught by crewmember Frank Lopez. See photo below.


Coastal Combination Trips


The ½ day trip fishing for rockfish and the remainder of the day fishing for salmon have been very successful for the customers aboard the New El Dorado III. Last weekend they were able to bag 28 limits of rockfish and a hand-full of lings, before getting into the afternoon bite of salmon off the Marin coast near the edge of the bar. They continued to fish in about 80 to 100 ft. of water above Duxberry Reef. After scoring limits of blacks, browns and vermilions, they continued their campaign and trolled up 8 salmon up to 27lbs. This weekend they will try to improve on their counts as the good weather and fish counts remain solid.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Thursday, September 25, 2014


Salmon Fishing

The 3rd and 4th week of September has been surprisingly good for both salmon fishing and weather. As predicted a new school of salmon arrived and moved into the Marin coast last week and the Berkeley Charter Boat Fleet salmon scores took a good bounce, averaging just over a fish a rod for the recent week, one boat (New Easy Rider) scored 32 salmon for 16 anglers on Sunday (16 big limits). The bite continued on Monday and Tuesday as more and bigger fishing boats move into the fishing grounds. After a few intense days of high boat traffic pressure the scores started falling and the Charter Boat Fleet watched the scores fall back. As of yesterday with less commercial pressure on the water the scores seemed to rebound, holding at or around a fish a rod. The combined score for both El Dorado and New El Dorado III totaled 20 Salmon up to 23lbs for 20 anglers. The action is still spread out over the Marin Coast, from Duxberry reef to the channel buoys with many concentrations of bait fish in spots in-between. The areas of anchovy’s schools are also providing some of the best whale watching shows for the viewing public.


Coastal Combination Trips

The trips are producing some of the best coastal results in years, and maybe offered through October. The trips and have been producing almost limits of rock fish on every trip offered in September and we see no reason for things to change anytime soon. The warm water conditions along the coast have made it perfect for the near shore fishery. I expect great results to continue on the rock fish and Ling cod, especially for those who like working the bottom with hardware. Last weekend the New El Dorado III scored limits of rock fish and 6 lings before mooching up 2 salmon. The trips are catching mostly backs, browns and vermilion of the bottom off the Marin coast in about 75 to 90 ft. of water. 


Captain Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Thursday, September 18, 2014


Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing along the Marin coast near the Channel Buoy continues to produce good results for the skippers who work the small clusters of feed. Most trips have been averaging from just under a fish a rod to just over a fish a rod, and with bright red shrimp feeders moving in. The most success seems to be coming from a slow troll between 45 to 55 with deep rods fishing 65 pulls with straight baits. On Wednesday, September 17 aboard the El Dorado 11 salmon were landed for 9 anglers, fishing the middle grounds in 85ft of water. The average size landed was between 12lbs to 15lbs with the jackpot winner Steve Avila (photo on the left) from El Sobrante walking away with a limit over 30 lbs. He had one of his best days ever, landing all 5 of his big kings during the course of the day.

On the previous Sunday, September 14th, the scores were similar aboard the El Dorado and the weather was the same, flat calm, warm and sunny. The results for the trip were 16 salmon for 17 anglers, up to 21lbs, just one fish short for a fish a rod. What was even a bigger surprise for the passengers on Sunday`s trip was the big grey whale that swam under the bow of the El Dorado, giving the passenger an up close experience at the huge mammal. For Ben Tresser and his 5 boys, (Alan, Ryan, Myles, Andrew, Jacob - see photo below) dad provided an incredible experience which they will remember forever.  

In the weeks ahead we should continue to see similar results which mirror the action that was aboard El Dorado yesterday, and Sunday and we will see some of the best weather days of the year as we get closer to October. The days of the hot action seem to be behind us, and we have been seeing a slow but steady flow of new fish moving in after the adults move on. But prepare yourself for a new school of salmon that has just started moving around Pt. Reyes this week and is expected to arrive by the weekend.


Coastal Combination Trips

The salmon/rock cod coastal combination trips will continue booking on the weekends, and the trips are still producing solid limits of rockfish and plenty of lings if you have the ability to use artificial lures. The weather has been extremely nice and the warm waters that have moved into the Farallones Islands (deeper waters) has depleted the bait fish in the deeper waters forcing fish to look in the coastal areas. These large schools of rock fish are perusing bait fish into the coastal waters. The rockfish and lings are inhaling the live anchovies, strips of squid and anything you can hang on a hook. Trips are limited in space on the weekends so to reserve your spaces book ahead. Discounts are still available for large groups.


Captain Robert J Gallia / El Dorado 

Fishing Report, Monday, September 8, 2014


Last Monday, September 1st the Bay Area salmon fleet experienced some of the best salmon action of the season. The top score reported in the salmon fleet was unbelievable 57 salmon aboard the New El Dorado III. Many other scores reported during that day ranged between 30 to 40 salmon  per boat with the quality ranging between 10 –20 lbs. By Tuesday morning, September 2nd the news of the hot bite was the conversation at every launch ramp around the Bay Area, and the huge volume of vessel traffic slowed the bite down for the next few days. The pressure continued into the weekend and some of the better results reported at the end of the day seemed to come from the charter boats that were able to get away from the areas of intense boat traffic pressure.


On Sunday, September 7th after fishing the main ship channel for the first half the of the day and scoring only a few fish, Captain Robert Gallia /El Dorado decided to venture North some 12 miles, stopping just below Double Pt. in 75ft of water. They stopped over a concentrated area of anchovies and before all the lines were back in the water, “everybody heart rate tripled” and the action was on… landing 13 of the 15 hook ups up to 30lbs in a very short period of time.  

With more fish on the way, and good week of weather ahead, it a good bet that more great days are ahead for the month of September.


Coastal Combination Trips

The last combination trip aboard New El Dorado III produced 35 limits of rock fish, 12 lingcod up to 14lbs, 1 halibut up to 18lbs, and 8 salmon up to 21 lbs.

The trips continue to fish the hard bottom near Bolinas where schools of feed continue to roll across the bottom. Most of the combination trips will be offered on Saturdays and Sundays, large groups are encouraged to schedule so that these trips can continue.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Photo: Tom Treto and El Dorado crew members Frank and Adam holding Tom's second 30lbs salmon of the year.

August 26, 2014 Fishing Report


Salmon Fishing

During weekend salmon scores took a hit as most captains suffered from the madness of high volumes vessel traffic along the Marin coast caused by previously reported high scores. Scores turned in this weekend were mixed and results reported from a large geographical area ranging from Double point to the Channel buoys ranged from 5 to 25 then falling again on Sunday after the American Canyon earthquake.

On Monday things turned completely around, with much less pressure on the Marin coast and good weather, the El Dorado scored huge, landing 16 large salmon just below Duxbury reef. The 8 limits was not a big score, but the quality was great, 14 of the salmon ranged between 12 to 24lbs with 2 less than 26 inches. Captain Robert Gallia reported that it was a good pick, which continued throughout the day with a break between 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. Good scores were also reported above Double Point and a late bite developed near the Main Ship Channel.

The week ahead looks good as a calm weather pattern has settled in over the Central Coast and more fish are arriving from the North.


Coastal Combination Trips

Due to the volume of interest in the combination trips, the Berkeley fleet will continue to offer these trips during the month of September. The trips have had a great track record of results, with limits of rock fish on almost every trip, and a good showing of salmon for the time provided and lings for those who target the species with hardware and artificial lures. With good weather predicted in the month of September results should be great!


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

El Dorado on Monday, August 25, 2014

August 12, 2014 Fishing Report


Salmon Fishing

The salmon fishing gained more momentum over the weekend as more salmon moved into the Marin coast and scores bounced to well over a fish a rod. Some skippers reported scores between 30-40 salmon with many between 15 to 18 lbs. with a handful in the 20lbs class. On Saturday the El Dorado turned in an impressive score landing 29 salmon for 20 anglers up to 36 lbs. The hot bite took place just outside Slide Ranch in 60 ft. of water dragging anchovies between 30 to 40 pulls.

The cooler conditions that moved into the Marin coast over the weekend delivered a new large school of anchovies followed by a new school of large salmon. Many of the beginner anglers were simply outmatched by the stamina of the fish and the weather conditions, and many captains reported more losses than landings. The action slowed on Sunday as the predicted weather calmed down. The calm conditions allowed lots of private boats to move into the Marin Coast increasing the pressure which drove the salmon down and the scores pulled back. On Monday with less pressure and beautiful weather the scores rebounded. The New Easy Rider and the El Dorado reported scores in the mid twenties for their passenger loads. Their combined score between the 2 boats totaled 50 salmon for the 44 passengers.


Coastal Combination Trips

The New El Dorado III provided the perfect platform for the combination trips during the past weekend and reported limits of quality rockfish for 4th week in a row, along the Bolinas coastline. The mix of quality rockfish, mostly blacks and olives were caught in the deeper waters around 100ft using a small piece of squid attached to a yellow and red shrimp fly. If you targeted the lings with your artificial jigs, you would have scored your limit of lings too. The hard bottom off the Bolinas coast provides ideal environment for the combination tips. The scores on the lings produced 6-10 per trip, up to 24 lbs. Only a few anglers were targeting lings cod and it was reflected in their scores for the time allowed.

The trips then changed gear to the great salmon action. On Saturday the New Eldorado III scored 15 salmon out of 21 opportunities, and on Sunday they scored 7 out of 13, mostly all big females.


Captain Robert Gallia / El Dorado

August 8, 2014, Fishing Report


Salmon Fishing

The Bay Area salmon fleet got a shot off adrenaline this last week, as a wave of Big Kings moved into the Marin coast. Scores took a bounce, and have been reflecting a fish a rod on average, most boats landing more and a few landing less. Most of the Big Kings are ranging around the 15lbs. to 18lbs. with the jackpot winner usually around 30lbs. Most of the action was located around the North Bar between 60-70 ft. of water during the mornings hours, followed by a bite later in the afternoon between Rocky Pt. and Duxberry. The fishing has been steady, and spread out over a large area with the best depths between 30 to 70 ft.

With the weather finally in a calmer mode, and evidence of the Big Kings moving into the area, it would be wise to oil up your reels, spool up with some good line and prepare yourself for the best action all year...


These Big Kings are not taken easily!!!



Coastal Combination Trips

The coastal trips are still doing very well, producing limits on rock cod, 6-10 lings up to 14lbs. and 7-11 salmon up to 26lbs. on trips offered this week. The scores on the coastal rock fish continue to remain solid and the quality remains excellent. The trips surprisingly continue to produce large blacks and olives in 60 to 100 ft. of water near Bolinas. The trips offer a great alternative to the angler who enjoys a variety of fishing without the long travel to the Farallon Islands.


Photo: Robinson Tyrer holding 31lbs. King Salmon aboard El Dorado

Tuesday, August 5, 2014



Salmon Fishing Picks Up!!!




Photo: Kyla Wright, twelve and a half years of age from San Rafael.  Kyla landed her first 12 lbs. King Salmon all by herself (with some encouragement from her mom) today aboard El Dorado. This is Kyla's first salmon fishing trip!


Steve Avila from El Sobrante caught his 40 lbs. limit aboard the El Dorado with capt Robert Gallia.

Monday, July 28, 2014 Fishing Report


Salmon Fishing

The mild weather along the coast over the last week, combined with a calmer ocean conditions and scores that averaged a fish a rod provided the perfect weekend for the Bay Area salmon fleet. The Bay Area salmon fleet experienced the best week of salmon fishing since the season started. The fleet concentrated around Duxberry reef and Rocky Point in the afternoon.

There has been a great showing of big fish and reports from up north indicate more moving in to the area. The action in the morning was the best in the upper range 35-45 ft. of water then the action goes deep to 60-80 ft. The salmon that was landed, averaged 18 to 20 lbs. with many skippers posting fish above 30lbs. Yesterday big fish weighed in at 37.5 lbs. aboard the El Dorado and Capt. Joey reported landing one 36 lbs. This bounce in fish scores seems to indicate the second wave of salmon moving into the area, and it looks like a good week ahead with good weather predicted.


Coastal Combination Trips

The coastal combination trips remain the best thing and there are no indications that the great coastal fishing is going to slow down, the combined scores for Saturdays fishing were solid, between 3 boats El Dorado, New El Dorado III and the Flying Fish, they scored 84 limits of rock fish, with mixed quality of blacks and olives and 34 ling cod up to 15 lbs. Then on Sunday, the El Dorado III after scoring 18 limits of rockfish and 14 lings up to 15 lbs. added 5 salmon up to 28 lbs. and 1 halibut 14 lbs. to the fish box in a few short hours near Rock Pt.  

There is plenty of room this weekend for both Salmon and Coastal combination trips and the weather will be perfect.


Capt. Robert Gallia 

Greg Carlton (on the left) won jack pot with his 20 lbs. ling cod on Saturday, July 12, 2014 aboard El Dorado.

Fishing Report, Monday, July 14, 2014


Salmon Fishing

The Bay Area salmon fleet saw salmon scores improve last Thursday around Duxberry buoy in about 60-100 ft. of water. The few salmon boats that were out that day saw a big bounce in fish scores, (up to 22 fish) as a new school of large adults arrived in the Bolinas area.

The following day, Friday, July 11 provided a huge disappointment for the fleet as the salmon seemed to have disappeared from the area overnight, and the fish scores crashed.  

On Saturday, July 12 the weather was calm, but the results were weak, the top score turned in for a full day of salmon fishing was 8 salmon.

Sunday, July 13 the high overcast cloud cover cleared and calm weather changed, by early noon Mother Nature was delivering another round of punishment to the fleet as the winds increased to 20 knots. Top score turned in for the day was 4 salmon.


Pot Luck Fishing

The rock cod / ling cod fishing continues to be excellent in areas near the coast, up the coast, and off shore near the Farallones Islands.

On Saturday the Flying Fish scored 26 limits fishing the coastal areas near Bolinas.

The New El Dorado III scored 27 limits of rock cod and 34 ling cod fishing above PT Reyes. And  the El Dorado scored 27 limits of rock cod and 54 ling cod (27 limits) up to 21 lbs. fishing at the Farallones Islands.

Capt. Robert Gallia reported that the windy weather has prevented most captains from going off shore. But Saturday’s flat weather was a calling and the ling cod action at the Islands was worth the ride, one of the best bites I have seen in years, and it will continue as soon as the windy weather backs off for us.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Veronica Van Ausdal, Rebecca Richard and Sara Malott having fun fishing aboard El Dorado on Sunday, July 13, 2014.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 Fishing Report


Salmon Fishing

The salmon fishing generally around the Gulf of the Farallones has been slow. Very few boats are making trips during the week and weekends. This makes it hard to obtain a detailed report and daily salmon scores. On Monday Capt. Joey Gallia aboard the New Easy Rider, the only salmon boat out on the bay, stuck to his plan and worked around 100 ft. of water off the Marin coast near Duxberry reef and Bolinas. His plan was to troll in the morning for a few hours and then switch to drifting for rockfish to take advantage of the tides then back to trolling later in the day and landed 5 salmon up to 18lbs. Then on Tuesday the charter boat out of Sausalito (New Rayan) scored 5 salmon as well. Although the numbers were small, this was big news to the local fishing community and maybe  the first wave of change and the salmon are finally starting to move into the area. 


Coastal Combination Trips

The rock cod and ling cod fishing continues to provide the best bang for the buck, and the results of most trips have been consistent for local anglers and first timers. Most trips are producing quality and quaintly of the big blacks and plenty of lings. On the recent trip on July 7 aboard the El Dorado, sacks full of fish that were taken from the boat back to anglers’ cars required the use of the marina hand cart and two guys pushing it with brief break at the top of the landing ramp. The scores of ling cod continue to be solid and Monday’s trip they reported 23 lings up to 17 lbs. for 13 anglers. Also reported were limits of rockfish with a great verity of blacks, olives and vermillion. Over the weekend most of the fleet worked the smaller areas of hard bottom near the towers in 60 -100 ft. of water using squid or live anchovies. All reported great results.


Capt. Robert Gallia

Fishing Report, Monday, June 30, 2014


Salmon Fishing

Over the weekend most of the Bay Area Salmon fleet discouraged by more wind and weather offshore located themselves off the Marin coast drifting for rock fish. A few hard core captains tried to revive the low salmon counts by scouting below the Farallones Islands and down to the Deep Reef, but the reported results by the end of Saturday amounted to 1-4 fish with a few shakers. The weekend results did not provide any evidence that things are ready to start improving for the Bay Area salmon fleet.

But north of us things are improving, reports from commercial fisherman indicate that Sacramento salmon and lots of them are moving south towards us, and with everyday off wind that we have, they will be pushed down the coast closer and closer and it looks like July will be a game changer for the salmon fleet. In matter of days we should start seeing improved salmon scores.  



Coastal Combination Trips

The coastal combination trips were faced with their own set of challenges this weekend as the wind and wave conditions moved into the coastal areas by mid-day on Saturday. Skippers that worked long hours on the hard bottom above Bolinas scratched out limits of rockfish with a good showing of lingcod, totaling just under a fish a rod. In addition to the limits of cod fish Captain Robert Gallia aboard the El Dorado added 3 large halibut to the box around Pt. Bonita upto30 lbs. and 2 striped bass near Angel Island. On Sunday the wind and waves pushed up against early, making it difficult to fish the rocky coastline. Scores fell off for most of the fleet and the weather chased many inside the protected waters of the bay. Scores generally totaled ½ limits of rockfish and a few lings per boat. Capt. Robert Gallia reported 1 additional halibut up to 14 lbs.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Ian, Rachel and Clarence Adams from Walnut Creek aboard El Dorado on Saturday, June 28, 2014. Rachel caught this huge halibut and won $150 jackpot for the biggest fish of the day!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - Fishing Report


Salmon Fishing


The last 3 weeks of June have been the windiest days of the 2014 season - 23 days of June out of 25 have been extremely breezy. Some these breezy days had the fleet pinned to the coast, and it appears more pain is predicted through this coming Friday. A small break in the wind and a window of opportunity looks to happen within the next few days and continue possibly into weekend.

The windy conditions of June could be the blessing for the month of July if the salmon decides to show. Recent reports suggest that the ocean has turned over and large areas of dark water created by upwell and cooler conditions are transforming the Gulf of the Farallones, but nobody will be able to verify or test the waters until WIND STOPS BLOWING!

Around the local areas like Duxbury reef there was a report of a salmon landed, but no large numbers. Capt. Joey Gallia aboard the New Easy Rider landed a 20 lbs. female last Saturday, before cutting the day short due to the windy conditions, and it was the last reported salmon landed.


Coastal Combination Trips – halibut/rock cod


The customers aboard the coastal combo trips are still enjoying fat sacks, which include a verity of rock fish (mostly blacks) caught along the rocky coast of Marin. The trips over the weekend and the recent trip on Tuesday aboard the El Dorado produced near limits to limits of rock cod and 8 lings to 13 lbs., just under a fish a rod of lings for 11 anglers. Capt. Robert Gallia reported - if you spent time working tossing hardware and or artificial lures you got your limit of lings. Two of the Charter Boats skippers (Capt. Robert Gallia and Capt. Eddie Gallia a.k.a. “Fast Eddie”)  are working the coastal areas of the Marin coast from Pt. Bonita to above Duxbury and both skippers are finding time in the afternoon to fish to the slower parts of the tides inside the Bay to catch a few halibut. Captain “Fast Eddie” scored 4 halibut around Alcatraz up to 25 lbs. before calling it a day yesterday along with limits of cod.


 Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Albacore Fishing Aboard El Dorado on September 15, 2013, please click on the U-Tube video link below:



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"Reeling the Big One aboard El Dorado"

Fishing Report, Thursday, July 18, 2013


Collin Prather, from Sparks, NV, with 2 Kings - total weight – 47 lbs. aboard El Dorado!

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