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Monday, April 21, 2014

Fishing Report


Salmon fishing during last weekend was slow on Saturday and picked up considerably on Sunday. On Saturday the small fleet of 3 salmon boats (all from Berkeley) searched the area outside S Buoy to the North Farallones including Pt. Reyes.

The small fleet located a few salmon late Saturday in 50 fathoms above Pt Reyes. At the end of Saturday, the Easy Rider who decided to work the coastline along Bolinas reported landing the top score of 6 Salmon out of 10 hookups up to 18 lbs. On Easter Sunday, The El Dorado with a short load of customers and good weather along the coast, decided to stop and fish the area around Double Pt. The combination of warm weather and a lazy roll of the seas provided the perfect action and turned in a score of 8 salmon to 26 lbs. for 6 anglers.


The Halibut fishing seems to be on the rebound, halibut scores over weekend around the area of Paradise and the Berkeley flats averaged just short a fish a rod for the skippers on the charter boats drifting live shiners. Also Stripped bass were on the bite in Raccoon straights. Halibut trolling with frozen anchovies was also producing good results in the same area.


Photo: Crewmember Adam holding part of Emilio Delosreyes limit, Emilio landed the biggest salmon 26 lbs. so far this year. Aboard the El Dorado

Fishing Report, Monday, April 14, 2014


Over the weekend most of the Bay Area skippers motored past Pt Reyes, and several miles up10 Mile Beach to the salmon bite outside Bodega Bay. When they stopped Saturday morning only a few fish per boat were reported. Things had changed and the fish seemed to have made a move.


Captain Brain Guiles aboard the Flying Fish and Robert Gallia aboard the El Dorado choose a different plan and decided to fish west of Pt. Reyes in 50 phantoms, and between the 2 boats they located what seemed to be the same school of salmon previously located off Bodega Bay. It was a good day as many of the chartered boats from other Marinas motored to the Berkeley skippers’ location and scored on the average a fish a rod by the late afternoon. The combined score for the Flying Fish and El Dorado totaled 27 Salmon upto18 lbs. for 25 anglers.


On Sunday the Bay Area fleet anticipating a good day with good weather arrived on the grounds but the morning bite never got started, the scores by the end of the day fell hard. The bite never turned on. The fleet scattered in all directions only to burn huge amounts of fuel and arrive late at the docks with scores ranging from 0 to 8 salmon.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado



Luis Rojas from Oakland

Jose Briseno from Oakland

Arturo Martines from Oakland

Felipe Ruelas from Hayward

El Dorado crew member Adam with the catch of the day!

Fishing Report, Monday, April 7, 2014


On opening day of the 2014 salmon season, the Bay Area salmon fishing fleet headed out the gate for the area called green pastures, located 50 fathoms below the main Farallones islands. There were reports from crabbers earlier in the week that indicated the right temperature and water conditions for the salmon.


The Bay Area fleet raked the area south of Pedro Pt. for several hours before the first scratched bite was reported. By 11:00 am the bite was still very poor and the fleet needed to make a move. Many decided to split up and moved in all direction in challenging weather conditions.By the end of the day (Saturday) it made little difference what direction you went the results were the same - most of the boats returned with disappointed customers.


On Sunday with improved weather conditions offshore and calmer waters along the coast, Captain Robert Gallia aboard the El Dorado decided to look north, towards Pt. Reyes. Information provided on Saturday indicated good water conditions above Pt. Reyes lighthouse, but with residual ocean conditions south of Pt. Reyes it was questionable if the boat could get above Pt. Reyes lighthouse and inspect at the area.

After the slow morning ride, around Pt. Reyes they stopped several times in 45 phantoms near what looked to be signs of shrimp. But again, and again after several frustrating passes over the feed without a scratch they moved further and further up the coast, stopping near Bodega Bay.


Finally, the effort paid off!!! After several stops and many dry runs, the El Dorado with Captain Robert Gallia scored, hitting the Jack Pot, with 16 limits, up to 22 lbs. 

Michael and son Alex Sneper holding their catch of the day!



Fishing Report, Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The 2014 Salmon season will open this Saturday, April 5, 2014 after being closed since November of last year. During the last few months the Berkeley Captains have been working long hours every day during the week to ready their vessels with the latest and greatest Hi Tech toys and equipment.  

Last season the Berkeley Charter boat fleet experienced some of the best fishing action during the early part of the year especially during the spring, and it continued into June around the North Farallones Islands.

The rainy unstable weather is predicted to settle down sometime on Thursday / Friday of this week making way for very favorable conditions on Saturday and Sunday.

The Berkeley Charter boats skippers have information that conditions along the 50 phantom curve (300ft) are loaded with bird life, krill, and anchovies from the Deep Reef to Bodega Bay. Further reports from a sail boat party sighted sea lions taking salmon around N buoy. The conditions for the opening weekend seem to be showing promise.

The starting weekend of the salmon season is probably the most important day during the course of the whole season, as many customers wait for big salmon scores before scheduling their trips.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado


Photo: The El Dorado readying for the 2014 salmon season

Fishing Report, Friday, January 24, 2014


“Captains Plate” Special


During the upcoming weeks prior to the start of the 2014 salmon Season, the Berkeley Charter Boats will be trial running trips that will include Crabs, Dabs and Prawns – “Captain Plate” Special. These include: Dungeness crabs, Sand Dabs, & Coon Stripped Prawns). The trips will be leaving at 7:00 a.m. not 6:00 a.m. The cost of the trips will be $100.00 and you will be sharing the catch. Captain Eddie Gallia will be the primary skipper running the trips on the New EL Dorado III, and the trips are considered experimental. Some of the trips that have been trialed had mixed results but everyone agrees that combination will stimulate some interest. With the great weather that we have had the opportunity is there.


For more info you may contact Scott @ 510 849-2727 during day time hours.


Captain Robert Gallia/ El Dorado

Fishing Report, Monday, December 9, 2013


Crab and Rock Cod Fishing Report


Over the weekend, the customers aboard the fishing vessel El Dorado experienced a California version of the TV program called “Deadliest Catch”. A strong and cold N/Westerly wind pushing down from Alaska paralyzed the coastal fishing on Saturday, then switched around to N/Easterly on Sunday.

The coastal rock cod fishing on Saturday was the only choice the fleet could offer, as the big seas prevented the captains from getting offshore to the Farallones. The coastal fish scores reported towards the end of a long and cold day ranged from ½ to ¾ limits of cod and a few ling cod for each of the boats.

On a warm note, the crab fishing results were good on Saturday and Sunday and brought a few smiles to some of the “frozen” customers, as most captains were able to scratch out limits after a long soak time during the week.

On Sunday better prepared for the cold and windy weather, some boats were able to fish the Farallones Islands and the ride to the grounds was nicer than expected. Once on the area, the cod fishing turned on and the bite was excellent with quality fish. Capt. Robert Gallia reported fishable conditions outside the Pimple and limits for all customers. Nice verity on the cod and good results on the lings if you were using the hardware. Great results were turned in also on the crabs, as they pulled the remainder of the traps which were soaking since last week.


Crab / Rock Cod Combination trips will continue to run until the 31st of December of this year.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Monday, December 2, 2013


Crab/ Fishing Report,


Over the weekend the Dungeness crab/rock cod combo fishing trips experienced foggy but calm weather, great fishing and heavy sacks of Dungeness crabs. Most of the Bay Area charter boats continued to fish around the Pimple (the middleIsland) where the assortment of rock fish was concentrated and the fishing was very productive. The customers who were using the bright colored bars or chrome bars were doing very well, catching quality olives, large vermilions, and several varieties of hardheads. The ling cod were plentiful but most were under size. The largest ling cod caught over the weekend was almost 15 lbs, and several around 8-10. The crab fishing continued to produce limits of (6) crabs for most customers, but the captains and crew are reporting that they had to pull all of their traps to reach the limits.

A mild weather system is moving into the area within the next few days and trips are on hold until mid-week. There is plenty of room coming this weekend and the crabbing will continue until the end December…


Captain Robert Gallia /El Dorado

Fishing Report, Monday, November 25, 2013


Crab Fishing Report


The Dungeness crab/rock cod combo fishing trips saw beautiful flat calm weather and blue skies over the Farallones islands over the weekend. The scores were excellent on the rock fishing. Skippers of the El Dorado and the Ed Dorado III reported limits of quality rockfish, mostly olives rockfish, between the North Farallones and the Pimple for everybody onboard and lingcod scores were up to a dozen. Scores for the lingcod could have been larger but the less experienced customers were just using straight red and yellow shrimp flies. The few customers that worked the bottom with the chrome bars scored limits of lings and a quality rockfish.

The crab fishing scores took a small hit on Saturday, as scores fell from 6 per person to an overall average of 5 per person. The setback, primarily due to the intense commercial crab fishing pressure, and pot raiding late at night in one of the most productive area along the coast, located above and outside of Bolinas. This area has been producing the best size and huge scores of larger and cleaner crabs over the last few weeks. On Sunday, with fewer customers on board, and less commercial crab fishing pressure both the EL Dorado and the EL Dorado III bounced back and scored limits (6) of Dungeness crabs after pulling every available crab pot.

Fishing Report, Tuesday, November 12, 2013


The Crab Combos were a huge success over the weekend and the weather was great too. On Saturday with flat calm conditions the Berkeley Charter Boat fleet fished the Farallones islands and reported a combined score of 70 limits of rock fish, 35 ling cod and 420 Dungeness crabs. On Sunday with calm conditions and returning to the Islands, the fleet reported 74 limits of rock fish 32 ling cod and 444 Dungeness crabs.


Many experienced anglers who worked the chrome bars & jigs across the bottom landed their additional limits of ling cod. The rock cod were biting on red and yellow shrimp flies and the lings seemed to like the chrome 16 oz. diamond bars.


At the end of the day, all the Berkeley customers were wearing big smiles and were full of joy and humor while having to make double trips to the parking lot. The great fishing conditions will remain throughout the week with a change predicted coming this weekend.


Capt. Robert Gallia/ El Dorado

Fishing Report, Monday, November 4, 2013


The Crab/Rock Cod Combos kicked off on Saturday morning and the results were impressive. The big scores and great results brought huge smiles and heavy sacks to the customers aboard the El Dorado who returned with 30 limits of rock cod, 20 ling cod, and 180 Dungeness crabs for all 30 who were on board.  The excellent rock fishing started first thing Saturday morning just outside the North Islands. On the first drift, the school of fish mostly (olives & big blues) went nuts over the shrimp flies. As the boat drifted into the other parts of the rocky reef the variety changed to vermilions and lingcod and everybody on board seemed to enjoy watching the mix of cod being hoisted over the rails. Many customers who preferred to bounce lures such as chrome bars scored their limits of lingcod and a nice quality rockfish. The bite continued throughout the morning and slowed up towards mid-day as the winds picked up. By 1:00 pm the El Dorado headed into the coast to service the soaking crab traps, and the trip was worth waiting for. The Bay Area charter boat fleet who braved the forecast for this weekend’s crab fishing scored limits of big Dungeness crabs for everybody.


Captain Robert Gallia/El Dorado

Fishing Report, Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Salmon Fishing


The Salmon fishing off the Marin coast during last week surprised everyone. As reports of limits and big fish were echoed all over the coast. Last week the scores bounced from a few fish per boat during the first part of the week to limits by the end of the week. The action and opportunities remained good throughout the weekend as most charter boats landed a fish a rod and better for a full day of trolling. The salmon were concentrated around the middle grounds in about 80ft. of water, feeding on medium sized anchovies and herring. The action was great in the morning with a break around noon then a good bite late in the day. The fog moved in on Saturday, it was blown away on Sunday. The overall scores remained good throughout the weekend. No boats fished on Monday or Tuesday.


The Salmon fishing season will remain open and continue until November 10, 2013.

During this week most Captains and crew will be hard at work preparing for the opening of the Crab Combos which start on November 2,2013. These trips will run until the end of December and should be incredibly productive during the first 2 weeks.


Reservations are recommended, at least a week in advance.


The Salmon/Rock Cod combos


The salmon/rock cod combination trips have continued to produce limits of quality Blacks and Bolinas cod along the Marin coast just above Duxberry reef and during the second half of the trip, scoring 7 to 13 salmon up to 22lbs.


Capt. Robert Gallia/ El Dorado

Fishing Report, Monday, October 07, 2013


Salmon/Rock Cod Combos


Over the weekend the salmon fishing along the Marin coast showed signs of improving, as the strong North/Westerly winds eased off along the coast. The windy conditions that blew, delivered a beautiful sunny weekend with a renewed interest in salmon for those that were willing to put in a full day in the area near Rock Pt. The action picked up in 75-85 ft. of water, and was contagious for all who were trolling. Scores for the charter boat fleet ranged, with the highest scores up to 12 salmon with a good mix in the size range. The salmon are feeding on small pockets of herring and anchovies that arrived with the last week’s winds. The best action was 35 pulls.


On Saturday’s Salmon/Rock Cod Combo trip, aboard the El Dorado, the anglers returned with 11 limits of quality Blacks, Bolinas, and Vermilions caught along the Marin coast. Most anglers targeting the rock fish were bouncing shrimp flies in 90 ft. of water across the bottom, without any bait. Also a few keeper ling cod were landed as they were taking the smaller rockfish attached on the hooks, (hitchhikers), during the first part of the morning, with numerous undersized released. Later in day when they switched to salmon trolling they quickly scored 3 big kings up-to 24lbs., with several smaller fish released for their brief effort of a few hours.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Thursday, October 3, 2013


Tuna Fishing Report


The strong North/Westerly winds that have been blowing during the last couple of weeks have finally pushed the blue water outside the range of most day trips. On Sunday Capt. Robert Gallia of the El Dorado travelled 93 miles offshore to find the inside edge of the blue water. They landed 3 out of 5 tuna all in the 25 lbs. range with several other short strikes late in the day. But time was running out, it was late in the afternoon and the 6 hour ride back was not going to get any easier.

A trip that requires a captain and crew to venture this far offshore needs to produce big numbers. That was not the case for any of the charter boats that reported on Sunday, September 29th.


It would be fair to say that the 2013 tuna season has come and gone.


We hope that you were able to enjoy some of the days that were offered during the 2013 Season, and we look forward to next year’s exciting season.


Salmon/ Rock Cod Combos


The salmon/rock cod combos are still a big hit, and will continue to be offered until the end of October of 2013. The trips have been scoring near limits of mixed quality of rock cod with a few lings of assorted sizes, and up to 7 salmon for the effort last week. A few trips during good weather days have produced nearly a fish a rod on the salmon, but everyday seems to be different. This coming weekend there is plenty of spaces for both the Salmon/Rock Cod Combos and the all day Salmon trips.


Capt. Robert Gallia

Randy Zimwalt with 26 lbs. ling cod.

Fishing Report, Monday, September 23, 2013




On Friday, September 20, 2013 a school of Albacore was located after a windy week of weather. The North/Westerly winds that blew the first half of the last week scattered the big school of tuna and pushed them down, as the winds cooled the surface. They also moved deeper into the ocean as the warmer water receded. The 3 Berkeley charter boats (El Dorado, New EL Dorado III and New Easy Rider) were not able to locate the fish until late afternoon on Friday, but did very well after all. Their combined score totaled 76 albacore for 25 anglers. All the tuna were large, in the 20 -35lbs. range.


On Saturday, September 21, 2013 two boats (Flying Fish, El Dorado) returned to the tuna grounds and were hampered by the changing weather conditions that moved across the coast. The combined score for the two vessels totaled 32 Albacore for 17 anglers.


On Sunday, September 22, 2013 after the weather system passed and the seas settled down, the New El Dorado III enjoyed calm seas and landed 28 albacore for 11 anglers. The weather is expected to pick back up and blow for the next few days. The next scheduled trip will be on Friday, September 27, 2013. Call for reservations. Spaces on Tuna trips are limited!


Salmon/Rock Code Combos


The coastal salmon fleet also experienced wet and windy conditions along the coast and all of the salmon scores ranged between 7 to 14. The top score went to Capt. Joey Gallia aboard the New Easy Rider who landed 14 fish up to 25lbs. for his group. On Saturday the coastal rock cod were completely off the bite as the South/Westerly winds shut the near coastal bite down. The Combos picked back up on Sunday as both Salmon scores and coastal rock cod fishing improved. Both the El Dorado and New Easy Rider scored limits of rock fish and scored between  4 to 9 salmon for the effort of a half day of salmon fishing.


Captain Robert Gallia/ El Dorado

Albacore Fishing Aboard El Dorado on September 15, 2013, please click on the U-Tube video link below:



Fishing Report, Monday, September 16, 2013




After being shut down for 2 days due to N/Westerly winds, 3 boats headed to the tuna grounds on Sunday morning, The Flying Fish, El Dorado, and the New EL Dorado III.  Their combined score totaled 260 albacore for 36 anglers!!!


The weather window on Sunday looked to be the only day to fish offshore albacore until the weather settles back down later on this week.

At daylight on Sunday morning the El Dorado reached the tuna grounds first, noting to the other skippers that all the life was still there. The birds, bait fish, and albacore were all present. Before all the jigs were set, the crew was screaming hookups!!!


On the first bait stop Sunday morning the El Dorado landed an estimated 36 albacore and an additional 20 broke off. By the 3rd stop the crew was unable to close the fish boxes. Each stop provided the same action. The albacore ranged from 20 to 40 lbs. with the majority in the 25-30lbs. range. Both captain and 2 crew members scrambled to keep up with the action, one customer reported landing 14, anther reported breaking off 9. Total chaos, incredible bite!!!


Salmon/ Combos


The salmon and salmon combo trips took a hit over the weekend due to the windy conditions along the entire coast.  Saturday trips were hit the hardest and bounced back a little on Sunday. Scores reported totaled 2 salmon and limits of rock fish aboard the New Easy Rider. The boats offering these trips are getting limits of rock fish mostly blacks, with a few lings either before or after targeting salmon. In the absence of the salmon, the Berkeley will continue to offer these trips until the end of October.


Captain Robert Gallia/ El Dorado

Fishing Report, Friday, September 13, 2013




The tuna bite got hot on Wednesday as the Eldorado scored 37 out of 65 hook/ups for 10 anglers, then “exploded!!!” on Thursday (9-12). Captain Robert Gallia / Eldorado located, what will probably turn out to be the best tuna bite of the year.


From the moment of the first jig strike to the last anchovies in the tank. It was big fish chaos on deck. A day and experience none will forget. Most anglers were caught by surprise and not prepared for the bite they were in yesterday, as every bait that was placed into the water, was ripped by the competing brutes. Many times every customers standing was pin to the rail gasping for air or looking to pass off the rod to a crew member as the bloody battle slowly raged on.


At the end, some skippers were thanking Capt. Robert for their huge success. Yesterday tuna counts went over the top, some breaking a 100 fish mark, most captains and customers were happy with 5-6 per person, some had 10. The Flying Fish reported a score of 70 for 7 anglers. The big tuna counts taken yesterday will reflect what is being described as the hottest bite of the season.


Capt. Robert Gallia/ El Dorado

SALMON / Combo


The salmon fishing improved yesterday (8/12) as some of the local charter boats reported 10 -20 fish scores around Duxberry. There seems to be school of adult Kings moving into the Bolinas area and snapping during the smaller tides. The best results are still trolling anchovies in the 20-50 ft. of water, with the action up in the early part of the morning and a little deeper later in the day. The chrome flashers and colored dodgers were also popular on the deeper lines. The trips (Combos) have been great success, and continue to produce limits of big Blacks and Bolinas cod after weeks of spotty salmon fishing. The 8-12 oz. diamond bar has been the right ticket for the lings after loading up on the cod. The Combos will continue through September, and will be offered daily…


Captain Robert Gallia/ El Dorado

Tuna Fishing Repot, Monday, September 9, 2013


Both the El Dorado and the Flying fish were on the tuna grounds on Sunday morning, and the results were “GREAT”! The combined score totaled 44 tuna, for 14 anglers, all weighted in the 20 to 30lbs. range.

The albacore, which were located inside the Gum Drop, in area NW of the Pioneer Canyon, provided the few lucky anglers aboard the El Dorado with the experience that they will remember for years. The 5 happy anglers aboard fought and landed 29 albacore, most were caught with “dragging  jigs”, but a few were caught on live bait. The albacore were primarily hitting bright colors in the morning and dark colors in the afternoon, they were a little shy when offered the live bait.

Captain Robert Gallia reported that during one stop, a albacore hit a troll jig so hard!!!  “it ripped the face off the fish”. Trips will be offered on a regular basis during the month of September and loads are limited to 12 anglers, on the live bait trips.


Captain Robert Gallia/El Dorado

Salmon Fishing Report, Monday, September 9, 2013


The Salmon fishing picked up on Sunday as the fleet merged towards a new concentration of feed, below the main shipping channel in 75 feet of water. The feed (anchovies) moved into the area late Sunday as it seemed to be chased by a new school of adult Salmon moving north. At the end of the day the overall scores saw a nice improvement and the action provided many more anglers with great opportunities. Dropped fish and losses continue to frustrate everyone as the size of the salmon ranged from 20 inches to 25lbs.

In the September days ahead, you can expect light passenger loads and nice calm weather, with spectacular sunrises, and if the Salmon fishing doesn’t provide enough action, you can expect the Berkeley Skippers to move up the Marin coast and fill the afternoon with some great rock-fishing and a chance at getting some ling cods. The Salmon/Rock Cod Combos will continue during the month of September.


Captain Robert Gallia/El Dorado

Largest King of the Day aboard El Dorado - September 1, 2013

Salmon Fishing Report, Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The Salmon fishing scores have been weak over the last 3 weeks and this long Labor Day weekend was no exception. The big mature adults that were caught near Elephant rock close to Bodega Bay several weeks ago should have moved south and arrived into the Duxbury area that lies off the Marin coast by Labor Day weekend. But the scores combined throughout the area still seem to indicate “spotty fishing”. One of the better scores on Saturday was 9 salmon for 14 anglers up to 22lbs. aboard the El Dorado near the Channel buoys.


After several continued weeks of spotty salmon fishing, a few of the Berkeley skippers have decided to start offering Salmon Combo`s trips. These trips will include a half day off salmon fishing and half day of coastal bottom fishing with live bait. The trips are great during this time of year as the weather is usually calm and a great way of breaking up a slow day of salmon action. The trips always offer a big variety of rockfish which include lingcod and plenty of action.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Tuna Fishing Report, Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Many small tuna fishing boats were out in force over the Labor Day weekend and the fleet was spread out from the “601” to the “Gum Drop” and everywhere in between. The weather was flat calm with a little fog and the results at the end of the day indicated a big area of tuna spread out all over. The size of the albacore ranged from peanuts (10 lbs. and under) to 30 lbs., and the scores seemed to improve with each hour that was spent on the water. Mostly troll fish were taken in the morning with a few boats reporting landings with live bait. Then a little pick later in the day. The scores ranged from a few tuna per private boat to 20 for a 15 men Charter vessel using live bait.

The tuna have moved into a large area of good water allowing them to scatter out in smaller schools. If the weather picks up as predicted on Wednesday the area of warm water will shrink, creating larger and more concentrated schools. Capt. Robert Gallia will offer his first trip on Friday weather permitting with a second trip on Sunday.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Monday, August 26, 2013


The salmon fishing scores fell to a season low over the last weekend, as the “majority” of the Charter Boat skippers sat and waited for the next school of salmon to arrive off the Marin coast, except Capt. Robert Gallia of the El Dorado.

On the trip last Friday he decided to survey the coast above Pt. Reyes, running along 10 Mile Beach, he located an area of water that proved to be holding some of the big Kings that were heading South from Bodega Bay. It was late in the afternoon when the bite started, but time ran short for the group. On Saturday he convinced his brother Capt. Eddie Gallia aboard the El Dorado III and Capt. Brain Guiles aboard the Flying Fish to take a second look, they worked the beach over together, this time the scores bounced, as the Berkeley fleet combined landed 20 salmon up to 30 lbs. The top score reported for the Bay Area fleet for the day.

On Sunday the action improved more, as the game changed, both Eddie and Robert scored a fish a rod averaging between 18-25 lbs. with many others dropped.  Capt. Joey aboard the Easy Rider scored 10 limits. The next school is on its way and the action is going to get better and better with every day going into September.


The next school of Kings has been located.


Captain Robert Gallia/EL Dorado

Fishing report, Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The scores have been mixed over the last few days for most of the fleet fishing along the Marin coast. The fish that are being landed are still mixed in sizes from 20 inches to 20 lbs., but with the majority weighing in in the high teens. They are being caught all over the water column, in the early morning hours they are biting on the surface, and by the afternoon you are scraping the bottom, and everywhere in between. Some of the boats that carried light loads have had great scores averaging over a fish a rod, with the boats with the bigger loads are falling short of a fish a rod.


The cool and roily weekend weather may have brought some new fish into the area on Monday as the scores seemed to bump up yesterday, between Rocky Pt. and Duxberry. The boats are running with light loads during the weekdays and there is still plenty of room this coming weekend.


Captain Robert Gallia / El Dorado


Fishing Report, Wednesday, August 14, 2013



During this past week, the majority of the salmon fleet has been concentrating around the main channel markers # 1 and # 2, while enjoying some of the nicest weather this summer. The large school of salmon, which we were being caught a week or so ago has moved on, leaving a smaller congregation behind. The lager Kings, which is made up of a mix of sizes ranging from 20 inches and more and up to 25 lbs. have been feeding on abundance of anchovies and stacks of squid that have recently moved into the area. All the feed has been holding to the bottom in between 60-80 ft. of water while moving in and out with the tides and currents. During the last 2 days the scores have averaged a fish a rod with some of the lighter loads doing just a little better. This was reflected by the El Dorado scores which had 10 salmon up to 20lbs. for 7 anglers on Tuesday. Most of the trips during the weekdays are running with light loads, and the weather is expected to continue to be very nice for the next few days into the weekend.


Captain Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Salmon Fishing Report, Thursday, August 8, 2013


The huge Sacramento kings continued their battle march off the Marin Coast during this past week. During the calm periods, you could hear the battle cries of the many defeated anglers, as their screams echoed from Duxberry buoy to the edge of the bar. The big kings many in the 30 lbs. range determined to reach the Golden Gate, battled hard, some fights lasting 10-20 minutes and just when you thought you were going to become the winner, the battle would rage on. Captain Robert Gallia / EL Dorado stated that it`s been quite the week of fishing - many of the salmon that were being played, dart towards the angler while shaking their heads very hard at the same time, this was incredible to observe.  

Many captains complained of the fish being too big, some related the experience to being in Alaska, but no matter - it has been a fantastic year for fishing so far!

The landing average ratio has amounted to about a fish a rod during the last week. All of the skippers are complaining about the quickness of the kings and if you were a little lucky and had plenty of rest, you might be able to take one home.

They are biting very lightly on large to medium sized herring and anchovies, every day seemed to be a little different.

The weather has been flat for the majority of the week and is expected to be the same for many more days ahead.



Photo: Tony Gonzales, 11 years old from Napa, landed his first salmon 32lbs. aboard the Eldorado with his father James and brother Jimmy before starting school next week.



Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Monday, July 29, 2013




Mike Dunlop from Walnut Creek, landed this 38lbs king salmon aboard the El Dorado on Monday. Just moments earlier played one of similar size on his rod, but lost the battle. Captain Robert passed his rod “the whipping stick” to Mike for a successful second chance…


Capt. Robert Gallia/ El Dorado

Fishing Report, Sunday, July 28, 2013


The salmon hit the Marin coast this week, and they hit hard. The big kings continue to drag and pin the beginners against the rail, before snapping gear and busting bad lines, resulting from bad drags. 3lbs salmon were common and many were not landed, the action continues to be hot around Duxberry, Muir beach and along the edge of the bar, also out at the channel buoys. The salmon which averaged 20lbs were feeding on bait fish (mostly anchovies ) which were moving in and out with the big tides. Scores were consistent throughout the charter boat fleet ranged from a fish a rod to just under a fish a rod, depending on the amount of experience you had on board. The weather has been flat and will remain flat for the next 3 to 5 days providing excellent opportunities for the coming week. The Berkeley fleet will have trips daily and plenty of room for the next few days.


Photo: Sophia, El Dorado crewmember with the Kings

Check out this video from July 18, 2013!


"Reeling the Big One aboard El Dorado"

Fishing Report, Monday, July 22, 2013


Over the last week the salmon fishing fizzled off shore around the North Island and Fanny Shoals and started to sizzle around Duxberry reef as Capt. Eddie Gallia aboard the New El Dorado III scored 12 limits up to 30 lbs. last Monday, ending the long trips off shore for most of the captains.

Since last Monday and the discovery of fish at Duxberry the fleet has been chasing the salmon South along the Marin coast to Muir Beach and around the edge of the bar and out to the channel buoys. This last week has provided scores from over a fish a rod to under a fish a rod, but the salmon have been BIG. Many scores included salmon over 30 lbs. Capt. Robert Gallia aboard the El Dorado reported a 37 lbs. salmon on Friday and another 37 lbs. fish on Saturday. Capt. Brian Guiles aboard the Flying Fish had the top score of 25 salmon up to 30 lbs. for 18 anglers in rocky conditions near the Channel Buoys.

More of the big salmon will continue to move into the coastal areas during the months ahead, as the abundance of feed, primarily shrimp and baby short belly rock fish, continues to disappear off shore.

The foggy conditions that remain off the coast will continue to provide calm seas and excellent conditions for the remainder of the week.


Capt. Robert Gallia El Dorado

Fishing Report, Thursday, July 18, 2013


Collin Prather, from Sparks, NV, with 2 Kings - total weight – 47 lbs. aboard El Dorado!


Fishing Report, Monday, July 15, 2013.


The Salmon fishing experienced a wide range of mixed scores over the weekend, resulting from the lack of a solid location of the fish early on Saturday. A few of the Bay Area captains travelled into different zones looking for the salmon. A few kept chasing radio reports far above Bodega Bay. But towards the end of the day, after burning hundreds of gallons of fuel, some of those skippers returned to Duxbery reef to finish the day hoping to find their first one of the day. It looked like the huge fish counts of the months gone by were about to fall hard… Except late in the day on Saturday, Capt. Joey Gallia and his father aboard the New Easy Rider, located a school of Kings resting on the hard bottom at Fanny Shoals Buoy. At the end of their day on Saturday they returned with 54 salmon (27 limits) that averaged from 12 to 18 lbs. They returned to the same area on Sunday, scoring just over a fish a rod. The trolling scores were off, the salmon were out of reach for trolling, the only way to get to the depth which they were at, was to drift 1 lbs. balls over the bottom. The Kings were fat, and they were lazy, not interested in chasing bait. So if you decide to book a trip, it may be a good idea to bring both your trolling and mooching gear, giving you versatility during this transitionally period.  


Capt. Robert Gallia/ El Dorado   

Photo: Chaz Little from Grass Valley with the Day's Catch!

Salmon Fishing Report, Monday, July 8, 2013


Over the holiday weekend, starting on Saturday the EL Dorado, Flying Fish and New EL Dorado III fished the local waters inside Drakes Bay. The small fleet located a school of large adults heading towards the Golden Gate, scoring from under a fish a rod of the large Kings to just over a fish a rod, the biggest taken weighing over 32lbs. The action was steady throughout the day with many losses in between landings. The New Easy Rider produced the top score offshore near the Pimple - 35 kings with more of a mix in quality, all coming late in the afternoon.


On Sunday, the picture changed, the New Easy Rider elected to try mooching heading South to an area called San G, where in 90ft of water the anchovies were rumored to be stacked up. The Flying Fish, the El Dorado, and the New EL Dorado III fished the area near Noon Day Rock. At the end of the day, both locations produced incredible fishing. The combined score between the El Dorado, Flying Fish and New El Dorado III totaled 60 limits of salmon, 25 limits for the New Easy Rider. 85 limits is again the top landing score in the Bay Area. The only difference was the Jellyfish. The area around San G was loaded with the creatures. The area around Noon Day Rock was clean, only problem was it was full of Salmon, “a great problem to have”!!!


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Salmon Fishing Report, Monday, July 1, 2013


During weekend the Berkeley Charter Boat fleet continued to post the top combined salmon scores, higher than all of the other local landings in the Bay Area. On Saturday the Berkeley fleet fanned out covering the area from North of Pt. Reyes to below the Farallones and the salmon were not located until late afternoon, some of the captains were just too far away to make the run, except the New Easy Rider who posted the top score of 38 Salmon for 25 anglers. On Sunday morning the conditions changed as the wind and seas picked up, scattering the feed. Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado motored off shore and picked up the trail of the kings marching up on inside of the North islands. In the early part of the Sunday morning it was a tough scratch in the windy conditions, but the signs were all there and so we waited for what turned out to be the biggest catch of the year. At the end of the day, most customers required 2 salmon bags, 2 trips to their cars and 2 breaks before offloading their catch. Most of the salmon were that were landed were in the 14 to 18 lbs. range with the jack pot winner close to 30 lbs. Captain Robert Gallia aboard the El Dorado turned in the top score of 44 salmon (22 limits) with the rest of the Berkeley boats averaging over a fish and half per rod...


Captain Robert Gallia / El Dorado  

Salmon Fishing Report, Monday, June 23, 2013


The great Salmon fishing inside the Gulf of the Farallones continued thru Sunday in spite of the windy conditions that started last Wednesday. The conditions proved to be tough even for the most seasoned fishermen, stated Captain R Gallia, Skipper of the El Dorado. But the rewards for those anglers who braved the windy and rough conditions were paid off in large amounts of the Kings / Silver (Chinook salmon).


The Berkeley fleet got on the fish on Wednesday just inside (East) of Fanny Shoals which is located above the North Islands. The area was alive with birds, shrimp and bait fish and the bite was smoking hot for the following 4 days. The size of some of the kings that came over the rail took 2 crew members to drag in. The best action was in between 35-45 ft. The action was chaotic, they were multiple bites at the same time and this great action continued for 4 days.


On Sunday the Berkeley fleet out scored above all of the local bay area landings by putting up a combined score of 180 salmon for 90 anglers. The weather is expected to be calm for the next few days, and the Berkeley skippers will be rested and ready to get you back into some of the best salmon fishing in years…


Captain Robert Gallia / El Dorado  

Salmon Fishing Report, Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The weather improved greatly today allowing the Berkeley fleet to do what it does best - locate salmon! The Berkeley fleet scored huge today just inside Fanny shoals buoy! The bite started early and the big hogs just kept coming until the screaming was over, as reported by Capt. Robert Gallia aboard the El Dorado.


It was a great bite finishing with early limits before 11:00 a.m. The boats were back in the Marina and tied up by 2:00 p.m.


The quality of the salmon is very good, averaging between 12 to 20 lbs. It looks great for the next few days, as the weather has moderated!


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado


Salmon Fishing Report, Tuesday, June 18, 2013



The salmon fishermen who got out this weekend took a beating from the windy and cold weather, but some of the charter boats that carried seasoned anglers returned with big scores. The fleet fished between the North Farallones Islands and Pt. Reyes in about 300 ft. of water during this past weekend and on Saturday the top score was aboard the New Easy Rider. They landed at the end of a windy and rough day a score of 58 salmon (29 limits) for their hard core Iron Workers group. The weather played a big factor in cooling the bite down as the conditions were cold and the seas were very rough. The salmon seem to be trying to get around Pt. Reyes, but the windy conditions that we have experienced over the past 3 weeks are pushing them back into the Gulf of the Farallones.


When the windy conditions settle down the Berkeley fleet will be back into the great action.

The windy weather will ease starting midweek and will provide some great opportunities for several weeks ahead.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Monday, June 10, 2013


The salmon fishing for the Berkeley Charter Boat fleet continues to be solid. Good scores were returned on Saturday and great scores were returned on Sunday! During the weekend, especially on Saturday, northwest swell and southerly breeze mixed up the water conditions sending the Bay Area fleet in several directions. The weather played a factor in the scores on Saturday and as conditions improved on Sunday the big scores followed. The Flying Fish, Easy Rider, New EL Dorado III and El Dorado returned with 134 Salmon for 74 Anglers.

The fleet was split between W Buoy and Pt. Reyes Lighthouse, as the weather calmed down in the afternoon on Sunday the bite turned on at the Lighthouse in about 240 ft. of water. The size of the salmon continues to be large with the majority of the fish are ranging between 12 to 14 lbs. with the big fish topping 31lbs.


Rock fishing at the Farallones Islands on Saturday was a huge success. EL Dorado was fishing around the middle island of the Farallones and landed 31 limits of Rock fish using shrimp flies without bait.


Captain Robert Gallia/ El Dorado


Salmon Fishing Report, Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The salmon fishing below the Farallones Islands during the holiday weekend gave a whole new meaning to the word “Wide Open”. The best bite of the year got started on Saturday as Capt. Eddie Gallia aboard the New El Dorado ran below the main island and landed on a school of salmon which appears to be 7 miles long. The salmon fishing got rolling on Saturday before the rough and windy conditions had completely settled down. The boats from Berkeley scored 96 Salmon up to 31 lbs., when others cancelled their trips the night before. The 3 boats from Berkeley New EL Dorado III, New Easy Rider and El Dorado scored huge, putting up numbers which averaged over a fish and a half a rod, to 22 limits aboard the New Easy Rider. The salmon were huge averaging between 12 to 15 lbs. All 3 boats reported landing salmon in the 20 – 30 lbs. range.


This best bite of the season continued through the Holiday weekend and most boats returned early with huge results!


The size of the fish was so increditable, most customers had to have individual bags for each of their 2 salmon.


If you are thinking about going, now is the time!!!


Captain Robert Gallia/ El Dorado

Fishing Report, Thursday May 23, 2013


The Salmon fishing below the Farallones islands continued to produce good scores and quality fish until the weather started blowing on Tuesday earlier this week. The Berkeley boats, New EL Dorado III and the New Easy Rider fished last Monday about 8 miles below the main Island in 350 ft. of water and scored a fish a rod on average for their combined passenger load in windy conditions. Since then, the fleet has been shut down due to the strong North Westerly winds and big seas. Some skippers have converted their trips to live bait fishing inside the protected waters of the SF Bay and had good success with the halibut and bass near South Hampton shoals and Alcatraz earlier in the week and will continue to fish the SF Bay until the weather settles down offshore. The smaller tides earlier in the week have helped give the potluck fishing a good bounce, and scores topped 25 on Tuesday near Alcatraz. The Berkeley fleet will continue to provide the potluck trips inside the Bay until the weather settles down on the outside.

Plenty of room is still available for the long weekend.


Captain Robert Gallia/ El Dorado

Fishing Report, Friday, May 17, 2013


The Berkeley fleet scored limits today for all boats, 58 limits or 116 fish. The fleet fished below the main islands today in 300 feet of water. The bite took off yesterday when the weather calmed after 3 windy days earlier in the week. The salmon have been enjoying the abundance of krill about 10 miles below the main island. The salmon that are being caught are averaging between 12 to 14 lbs. and many are in the 20's. The big fish today 20 lbs. was caught by Matt Phillips from San Pablo aboard the El Dorado.

Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Salmon Fishing Report, Monday, May 13, 2013


The salmon fishing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Mother’s day) was hot, especially during the first part of Sunday morning around N buoy, on Saturday between the North Island and Pt. Reyes. Also on Saturday a good bite developed late in the day around W buoy. The salmon that were caught over the weekend were of a mixed size and still feeding on krill that seems to be everywhere off shore. The mornings produced the most action but the salmon went down in the afternoon after satisfying their morning appetite. The action was fast when the bite was on, as most Captains experienced multiple hook-ups when they first started dropping the gear into the water. On Sunday the big score was aboard the EL Dorado with Captain Robert, as they landed on a school of big salmon feeding just outside of N Buoy in 194 ft. of water. The short load of customers aboard made it home and enjoyed a salmon barbecue at their mothers’ houses before the afternoon started.


Capt. Robert Gallia /El Dorado

Fishing Report, Friday, May 17, 2013


The Berkeley fleet scored limits for all boats, 58 limits, 116 fish. The fleet was fishing below the main islands today in 300 feet of water. The bite took off yesterday as the weather calmed after 3 windy days earlier in the week. The salmon have been enjoying the abundance of krill about 10 miles below the main island. The salmon that are being caught are averaging between 12 to 14 lbs. and many are in the 20's. The big fish today - 20 lbs. was caught by Matt Phillips from San Pablo aboard the El Dorado.

Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Salmon Fishing Report

May 9, 2013


The Salmon fishing shifted from low gear to high gear today, as reports of salmon raced through the airways around SF Weather Buoy. The skippers of the New El Dorado III, and the New Easy Rider were fishing below the Main Farallones when the action started to go off North of the mainIsland. Both Eddie and Joey got the reports early, and pegged their throttles to the dash panel to arrive in short order... Once on the seen the action on board turned into a fire drill.. Salmon started snapping and the hookups were coming 2-3-4 at a time, the boxes started filling with a great grade of salomn. They came in up to 20 lbs and by 12:00 am they both were working on crew limits, they and arrived back at the dock with (20 limits of salmon) the combined score for the day.. The salmon have moved up from below theIslandsand have just started feeding again the new area of krill...


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Monday, May 6, 2013


Salmon Fishing


Last week the windy weather conditions eased off on Thursday and the seas remained calm through Saturday. The Berkeley fleet continued to score big numbers of salmon and limits on Saturday fishing 25-30 miles south of Seals Rocks in about 300 ft. of water. The salmon continue to gorge themselves feeding on krill in the area below and outside of the area called the Deep Reef. There also was a showing of big fish above Fanny Shoals, but the action was spotty and in a very small area. The weather changed on Sunday, as the southerly winds started blowing creating sharp sea conditions, shutting the fleet down through Monday.

This week, as this weather system passes, we will see a nice calm break in the winds starting Tuesday lasting through Friday.


Halibut Fishing


There have been some encouraging signs in the Central Bay regarding the Halibut fishing, on Tuesday the El Dorado scored 5 halibut up to 17lbs fishing the Richmond Rock wall in the early morning and late in the day they scored 3 more around the long wall near Alameda. The halibut were caught trolling anchovies in about 8-10 ft. of water.


Photo: The happy anglers from Northern California aboard the El Dorado    


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The Berkeley salmon fishing fleet totaled 72 limits on Saturday and 90 limits on Sunday. On both days most of the Captains returned early with quality salmon ranging between 8 - 12 lbs. Captain Robert Gallia reported that the area located south/west of W buoy has been producing excellent results everyday for the last 3 weeks. The salmon are chasing scattered areas of krill located in 330 ft. of water. The weather has prevented the Berkeley fleet from running trips on Monday and Tuesday but as the winds ease up by Wednesday we will be back into the action!!!


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Saturday, April 27, 2013


The Berkeley Charter boat fleet scored limits again today, making it one of the best spring openers in years. The fleet has been averaging limits for 6 of the last 7 trips, and early limits for the majority of those…The area below the Farallones Islands in 300 ft of water was loaded with feed (shrimp balls). The salmon preferred the smaller anchovies and a slower troll about 40ft in the morning and 50 to 70ft later in the day. During the last few days the bite has slowed to a good pick in the afternoon, with most of the fleet heading home by noon.

The krill is scattered over a large area below the main Island and the pockets of salmon are chasing them about. The fleet scored 71 limits up to 27 lbs. Today the big fish weighed in at 27 lbs, caught aboard the El Dorado at 40ft by the jackpot winner Lu Ann Cobb from Susanville, CA.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The Berkeley fleet slammed the Salmon by 10 a.m. this morning. The combined score of 31 limits or 62 salmon were caught 23 miles from Seal Rocks. The bite really turned today, stated captain Robert Gallia. The back deck turned into a fire drill on many passes over the shrimp balls. The combination of good weather and hot bite is predicted for the next few days.


If you ever want to experience the best spring fishing, now is the time to go!!!

Loads are light and all the skippers want to get into the action.


Captain Robert Gallia / El Dorado


Fishing Report, Monday, April 22, 2013



The rough conditions outside the Golden Gate eased up just enough to allow only 2 Salmon boats from the Berkeley fleet to venture offshore over the weekend. The New EL Dorado III and The New Easy Rider were the only 2 Salmon boats that fished both days from the Bay Area.

The conditions were still windy and rough off shore and locating the Salmon on Saturday after almost 2 weeks of windy weather was a huge challenge…


On Saturday both skippers headed S/W to pick up the trail.  Capt. Eddie Gallia braved the windy weather conditions until he reached the fishing grounds around 44 phantoms below Half Moon Bay. The gear was in the water and the waiting for the first bite began. Above Half Moon Bay, Capt. Joey Gallia decided to stop short on birds life picking the krill off the surface. His action got started as soon as the gear hit the water. For Capt. Joey Gallia aboard the New Easy Rider, the day was short as they scored 22 limits very quickly. Capt. Eddie Gallia faced the prospects of beating his way back into the sea through the windy weather to relocate and in doing so he lost the valuable morning opportunity.


On Sunday, both boats located the fish and scored huge!!!! - 22 limits aboard the New Easy Rider and 27 limits aboard the New EL Dorado III up to 28 Lbs.


28 Lbs. Salmon was caught by Hal Bickman from San Leandro, who also won the potluck!


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Monday, November 19, 2012


The crab fishing remains solid and the traps are still producing 10-20 crabs per trap. But southerly winds and the threat of rough and wet weather prevented some of the fleet from fishing off shore Saturday, so some of the Berkeley skippers stayed along the Marin coast, scratching the bottom for the local blacks and a few lingcod. At the end of the day, if you worked the bottom with the shrimp flies and a small piece of squid you managed to fill your bag with the limit of cod. It was tough fishing and each drift produced a few.


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Dan Bollwonkel from Oakland, CA. His fist crab combo and his new love.

Fishing Report, Monday, November 12, 2012


Over the weekend Berkeley Charter Boats fleet continued offering rock cod/crab combination. Rock fishing continues to be excellent near the Farallon islands. The anglers on the boats that fished near the Farallons enjoyed limits of quality rock cod. The boats that fished close to the Marin coast had little less luck. The weather was clear, but little windy on Saturday and better on Sunday.


In the afternoon the boats headed for the crab traps. Just like the opening weekend – the traps were stuffed! Up to 45 legal crabs per trap as reported by the El Dorado skipper Robert Gallia.

The crabs are plump, sweet and buttery!


Just a few days left before the commercial crab fishing starts. Call for reservations!


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

Fishing Report, Thursday, November 08, 2012


The opening day of crab combo`s season started last Saturday under blue skies and flat calm weather. The Berkeley fleet headed out to the Farallones Islands, where the rock fishing west of the Pimple (the middle Island) had been producing limits of quality olives, with mix of red (vermilions) and a few ling cod. It was an enjoyable pick throughout the morning as most customers were able to get into their bag limits of rockfish and if you were lucky, and were working a diamond bar, you may have landed a nice lingcod.


After a few hours of working the area west of the Pimple the skippers headed to their crab traps.

Once the traps were hauled aboard the sorting began, some of the traps were holding more than 30 legal crab aboard and it took Capt. Robert Gallia skipper of the EL Dorado only 6 traps to provide 32 limits for everybody aboard. The traps were stuffed!!!


Capt. Robert Gallia / El Dorado

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